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Perchance To Forget

2nd Friday Prompt: let it go

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Loosen the grip of those tight fingers, let it go Stop fighting the good fight, let it go Your north star blurs and even douses a-time, let it go The candle flickers and burns out, let it go

The fledgling you saved will not make it, let it go The child you taught hexadecimal will quit math, let it go You will never get that apology, let it go The chameleons around you will never change their color, let it go

The voices you strove to upheld will drown out after all, let it go Pledged friendships will not last, let it go The forever encapsulated in mere hours, let it go Beautiful lives gone like footprints in the sand, let it go

The exhaustion of stampeding relentless continuity, let it go The noose gets tighter around your neck, let it go The water level rises to your ears, let it go Winter arrives too soon, and summer barely registers, let it go

Love withers like frozen leaf stalks, let it go Humanity devolves to its lowest common denominator, let it go When their motivations do not make any sense, let it go The corrupt will win over the untainted, let it go

Loss hangs like a sword over your heart that craves only love, let it go Those that should have stood by you desert you after all, let it go

Let it go, let it all go To sleep, perchance to dream To let go, perchance to forget

Paroma Sen 2023


For this week’s prompt, write about letting go. We all hold on far longer and harder than we wish to, and only at the best of times do we come back to the luxury of perspective, to take a step back and let the universe do its good work. Then we realize how futile it is to hold on, and how much more natural it is to let go.

Feel free to use any form, either poetry or prose poetry , with a minimum of 200 words. Please use ‘Prompt’ and the type of submission (‘Poetry’ or ‘Prose Poem’) as two of the tags. Tag me in it, link to this post, and rock on!

Audrey Howitt Aaron Quist Kevin E. Pittack Jr. Zay Pareltheon Viraji Ogodapola Marilyn J Wolf Samantha Lazar Mia Verita Pamela J. Nikodem, MSED Agnes Laurens Agnes Chan。阿詩疑亭🧕🏼✍🏽 A.j Thomas Alex Tiu Alice Armour Altus Amy Jasek Amy L. Bernstein Ana Maria Irueste-Montes Angelina Der Arakelian Annine Massaro Ann Marie Steele Anthony David Vernon Anna Rozwadowska Jam | Creative Bahora Saitova BJ Dawson Ben Human Betsy Denson Suntonu Bhadra Bob Metivier Victoria Ponte Brian S. Hook Caitlin Rebecca Camille Fairbanks Caroline Mellor Charlene Marron Cheryll MV Chris Mooney-Singh Joao Coimbra Connie Song D. Abboh Danielle Loewen Daniel Bhakti Rosy Rane Darryl Willis Dewain Belgard Dennett Dermott Hayes Destiny S. Harris Dylan Skurka Eddie Becker Enne Baker Ema Dumitru Ed Newman Era Garg Erika Burkhalter Evan Wildstein Filza Chaudhry Christina M. Ward Gary Chapin Geetika Sethi Alex Guenther Harley Bell Hawkeye Pete Egan B. Iain Lenninski Ian Cunnold IMΛBӨПG FΛMIПЦ Imad Ilaria Mangiardi Jade Willow Jaswanisarika Winifred J. Akpobi Jaylee Reign Jay Sizemore Jeff Langley J.L. Littlejohn Jenine “Jeni” Baines Jennifer Dodge Jenny Justice Jeremy McKay Joe Luca Joseph Lieungh Josh E. Josh Lonsdale just a twenty something Kate-lynne Pigg Katrina Bos km. rowe Kirk Albert Alexander Keith R. Higgons Kristin Doherty Kyla Sawyer laksh Laurie Perez Lennie Varvarides Wry Welwood Lisa Marie Simmons Ludovico Leone Mahnoor Mai Yamamoto Natalie Wilkinson Marcus Chan Margie Pearl Mary Jones Mary L. Holden Melissa Rodriguez Mark Tulin Michael Centrone Mike Scarpiello Debbie Miller Mimi Bordeaux Breathe & Be Still Sally A Mortemore M.T. Pariti Niki Madore Nilla Chen Jonah Angeles Pablo Pereyra Vaishali Paliwal Paroma Sen Patrick M. Ohana Paul Mulliner Penny Grubb Patrick Metzger Alistair J. Kraft Lindsay Soberano Wilson Rachel K. Ravyne Hawke Sean Zhai Rhonda Marrone Somsubhra Banerjee Shringi Kumari Suzanne V. Tanner Shiraz Zafar Hussain Sydney Duke Richey Margaret’s Reflections I am not a Robot Kira Dawn Theophilus Auctor Thomas Plummer Theodore McDowell Tree Langdon Fox Kerry Upen Singh Willow Schroeder Vic Spandrio Skye Nicholson Winslow Thornhill Carlo Zeno Evelyn Jean Pine Masha Zubareva Pseu Pending (Seu) John Newmark Zach J. Payne Crooked Timber Linda Sharp Kait Leonard Astral Escapes ∞ Jeff Burton Brother Bhunru Kensu Ridge Ryan Janise Jona Daye Anu Anniah Obinna Uruakpa Jessica Lee McMillan Barsha Kar Rui Alves Nikita Joshi Joel R. Dennstedt Katherine Myrestad Andy Lammers AVG Alicia Casner chel writes Sana Sparks Matt Youth Cat Strav Jay Squires Uzaifa Memon Debra G. Harman, MEd. Arka Ghosh Fiona Guest Anish Bhattacharyya Tariq Ulixes Hawili Edward Swafford Amanda Weir-Gertzog Arushi Sahu Charles Source Loddie Foose, Claire Kelly Emmanuel Ogamdi Mykel Vinitha Dileep A.M. Goode Helen Jesse Wilson Tiffany A Krista Lisa Fouweather Ann Mary Alexander Mahin Alexandra Axente Brian Throne 𝐡.𝐚.𝐥𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐞 Snehalsaju Aurelia Bliss Nitin Dangwal Lovely Poems M.A. Sonncraft Ashish Jha Sam Grackle Yong Kim Marie Cadette Pierre-Louis🇭🇹❤️💞 Daphne Sampson Jesse Sheppard

Letting Go
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