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“Packing Light” For A Mom

Why It’s Not Even Possible

“Okay, honey…we are only going to be gone for two days. Pack light, okay?”

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Very funny.

Mom’s Packing List For The Two-Day Trip

  1. Three t-shirts
  2. Three pair of shorts
  3. Two pairs of jeans (in case it is too cold for shorts)
  4. Three night shirts
  5. Two bathing suits
  6. Four pairs of underwear
  7. Four bras
  8. Three pairs of socks
  9. One pair of sandals
  10. Two hoodies for the nights when it gets chilly
  11. Toothbrushes for everyone (with toothpaste and mouthwash)
  12. Lotion for husband and boys
  13. Brushes and combs (1 brush for mom, 1 brush and comb for dad)
  14. Dad’s trimmers for his beard
  15. Nail clippers
  16. Tweezers

Mom’s Packing For The Kids (Each) On The Two-Day Trip

  1. Six t-shirts
  2. Eight pairs of shorts (note…they sleep in their shorts and swim in their shorts…therefore…they need the extra…right?)
  3. Three pairs of jeans (in case it is too cold for shorts and an extra in case they spill something on one pair)
  4. Six pairs of underwear
  5. Six pairs of socks
  6. Two pairs of sandals (in case they break a pair)
  7. An extra set of shoes
  8. Two jackets/hoodies

After completing all of this “light packing”, it all fits in two giant totes…and doesn’t include my husband’s clothes…which will ultimately go in another tote.

My husband just shook his head and put the totes on top of the SUV, asking if I was hiding a body in one of them.

But here’s the thing about us moms…we always want to be prepared.

Do we really think that the kids will go through all six pairs of underwear?

Probably not…but it is better to have more and not need it than not have enough and be in a pickle.

Kids are notorious for doing something that will require those extra clothes, and by golly, I will make sure that I have those extra clothes waiting for them!

So why the extra clothes for me?

Because my kids are notorious for doing something that will require those extra clothes!

Imagine, if you will, that you are sitting at a restaurant…minding your own business, eating your food…when all of a sudden, your children decide that they want to be superheroes and start using their food to fly around the table. Lo, and behold, the drink that was sitting in front of my son and me gets knocked over and spilled all over me.

Guess who is super happy she brought extra clothes? That’s right…this lady right here!

With kids, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

So, with a show of hands (or claps), who else overpacks when they go on trips? Is it just a mom thing, a woman thing…or does it just mean that I am super smart and will ultimately be the one who survives the next apocalypse?

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