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Baby on his blanket (photo by author)

Our Nephew Briefly Relaxing

January Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Fun”

On his toes to crawl away.

The photo was taken last October on our visit to Seattle. I had knitted a small baby blanket as a gift for our nephew, and happily placed him on it. Oops. I should have made the blanket much larger. I hadn’t seen him before this trip, so I underestimated how long he already was.

He was quiet for a moment feeling the texture of the blanket. But look closely. You can see that he is digging in his toes to take off again. He was learning to crawl and was scooting all over the floor using his toes and his fingers. He had places to go with corners and structures and textures to explore. What fun to watch.

We hear now that he is already pulling himself up, getting ready to stand alone. I think he will be an early walker. I predict that he will keep his parents very busy.

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Learning To Crawl
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