One-Minute Facts: The Ravens in the Tower

The Tower of London is home to some ravens. Why are they there?

Photo by Kasturi Roy on Unsplash

If you visit the Tower of London, you’ll see some ravens in the grounds. These aren’t visiting birds.

There are always at least six ravens in the Tower. They are bred and cared for by a Yeoman Warder known as the Ravenmaster.

They are part of a historic tradition dating back to the 1600s. Charles II gave the ravens protected status after a warning that the Tower and the kingdom would fall if these birds ever left the site.

The ravens are intelligent and cheeky. Some are too cheeky for their own good and lose their jobs. They are retired if their conduct is deemed unbecoming to the Tower.

While the ravens’ wings are trimmed, they aren’t clipped. They can fly out of the grounds; most prefer to stay. Though Raven Grog lived up to his name and was last seen outside an East End pub. There’s always one….

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