avatarDomino Cat


On the Edge of Day

Photo by Efe Kurnaz on Unsplash

In realms where reason's tethers fray, We teeter on the edge of day. A tapestry of swirling hues, Where logic melts and meaning imbues.

The mind, a prism fractured, shows A kaleidoscopic dream that flows. Familiar shapes, in disarray, They will soon go astray.

Time, a river, slows its pace, Each tick a beat in a dreamlike race. The senses hum with heightened song, A symphony where shadows throng.

The veil that parts, the unseen known, Whispers secrets on the psychic throne. A touch ignites a fiery spark, A single glance that leaves its mark.

The body, light, a wispy thing, Defies the bonds that gravity brings. Soaring free on currents unseen, A canvas painted in shades of green.

The depths we plumb, the heights we scale, Beyond the grasp of mortal veil. A dance with madness, hand in hand, A forbidden journey, a promised land.

But shadows lurk in hidden folds, Where beauty twists and darkness unfolds. A haunting echo, a whispered fear, The price we pay for ventures here.

The fragile thread, the tenuous hold, A mind unmoored, a story untold. Lost in the labyrinth's twisted maze, Where reason crumbles in a daze.

The echoes fade, the colors dim, The waking world beckons, welcoming him. A memory lingers, a fleeting trace, Of that altered state, that liminal space.

We carry the weight, a hidden scar, Of journeys taken, both near and far. A glimpse of truth, a whispered thought, The altered state, a different height.

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