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My Writing Story

How I Found Expression, Healing, Learning, and Connection Through Writing

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Writing is more than just a skill or a hobby.

It is a powerful tool that can help you in many ways. Writing can help you express yourself, heal yourself, learn about yourself, and connect with others.

In this article, I will share my personal story of how writing has helped me in different aspects of my life.

I never thought that writing would weave its way into my life as one of my passions. My journey with the written word started with the simple act of journaling, an activity that I unexpectedly fell in love with.

Back in my student days, I discovered a knack for crafting essays, and that was the extent of my writing experience. I wouldn’t know that this would be the beginning of a transformative relationship with the art of expression.

I never considered myself a stellar communicator.

But in one of my early career jobs, a colleague with a background in journalism told me that I had “a good sense of language.”

The words stayed with me, and writing became more and more connected to my life as it went on.

Writing as a form of self-expression

I started to write for myself and for others, for fun and for money.

I discovered that writing is the next level of expressing my thoughts, feelings, opinions, and experiences.

Writing helped me to better articulate what I wanted to say, to clarify what I meant, and to communicate in more nuanced ways what I felt.

Through writing, I learned to explore my inner world and share it with others.

Writing also enabled me to listen to different perspectives and understand them better.

Writing improved my self-expression skills, as I became more aware of my own emotions, more honest with myself and others, and more creative in finding the right words.

Writing gave me a voice and a confidence that I didn’t have before.

Writing as a form of self-healing

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Writing, for me, is more than just putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard; it’s cathartic.

It’s a journey inward, a process that compels me to pay attention, to be present and mindful.

When I write, I am confronted with my own vulnerabilities — something I’ve long detested. Yet, in this vulnerability, I find strength and a deeper understanding of myself.

Writing helps me to confront my fears, doubts, insecurities, and pain. Writing helps me to process my emotions, to release my stress, and to deal with my challenges.

Writing helps me to heal from my wounds, to forgive myself and others, and to move on from my past.

Writing is a form of therapy for me. It is a way to take care of myself, to nurture myself, and to love myself.

Writing is a way to heal myself.

Writing as a form of self-learning

I reluctantly started writing as a side hustle, to make money. I also detest this, because sometimes I found this as a form of begging, admitting that I needed help.

But I want to learn how to be comfortable saying ‘I need help’, because, at the end of the day, we all do.

And to be truly well in every sense of the word, I have to stop denying myself what I need. Accepting that we all need support, is a lesson I am still learning to live with.

Writing as a side hustle has taught me a lot of things.

It has taught me how to research, how to organize, how to edit, and how to deliver.

It has taught me how to be professional, responsible, and reliable.

But more importantly, writing as a side hustle has taught me how to ask for help, how to accept help, and how to appreciate help.

It has taught me how to be humble, grateful, and generous. It has taught me how to be interdependent, collaborative, and supportive. It has taught me how to be human.

Writing became my way of expressing this learning journey, a canvas where I could paint my struggles and triumphs.

Writing as a form of connection with others

Writing is not only a way to connect with myself, but also with others.

Writing is a way to share my story, to inspire others, and to learn from others. Writing is a way to create a community, to build relationships, and to make a difference.

Writing is a way to connect with the world.

Writing — what’s next?

As a new writer on Medium, I am thrilled to be part of this amazing community of both talented writers and avid readers.

Medium is a platform that allows me to pursue my passion for writing and self improvement, and to share my stories, insights, and learnings with others.

Medium also offers me many benefits, such as exposure, feedback, support, and hopefully income. That’s why I am committed to leverage this opportunity to the fullest, by writing consistently, engaging with other writers and readers, and improving my craft and voice.

I am excited to see where this journey will take me, and I hope to inspire and be inspired by others along the way.

I am also excited to try the “Self Authoring” program by Jordan Peterson (this is not a paid advertisement), which is designed to help people write about their past, present, and future. It is based on the idea that writing can help people understand themselves better, improve their lives, and achieve their goals. I think this program will help me to deepen my connection with myself and with others.

I’ll keep you updated on the revelations and transformations that unfold.


Writing is more than just a skill and has become more than just a hobby.

It’s a mirror reflecting my innermost thoughts and a lantern guiding me through the labyrinth of self-discovery. And so, my journey with writing continues, an odyssey of self-expression and healing.

Writing is a powerful tool that can help you too in many ways. Writing can help you express yourself, heal yourself, learn about yourself, and connect with others. Writing can help you become a better person.

I hope you enjoyed reading my personal story of how writing has helped me. If you did, please follow me for more like this and share it with your friends, family, or anyone who might be interested in this topic.

I would love to hear your story too. How has writing helped you? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Thank you for reading!

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