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My World

a poem

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

there was a time when you were my world where I lived and breathed by your words where your praises fed my self-worth I followed your ebbs and flows orbiting around your sun for any glimpse of light I yearned for your love dimming when you were away from my presence only to brighten when you graced my doorstep the smell of your skin was my favorite perfume your desire warmed the inside of me and your love gave me purpose I could stare forever in the stars in your eyes telling me secrets of the universe your arms kept me grounded in confines of safety my heart beat to the cadence of your breath filling me with joy you were my sun and moon my north star you were absolute you were my world until you took my world away

and then the desolation of your absence taught me

to become my own world

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