My wife meant to clear her browser history, but she forgot. What I discovered is unbelievable.

[4:34 PM]: What can I do if my hubby cheats on me?

I saw the item just as I was about to remove my most recent search by clicking the history tab. Quickly, I completed tying my fly and then gazed at it perplexed.

Lisa and I were nearly being too cautious. In my wife's company, we had never even glanced at each other, much alone done anything that may have prompted suspicion. No amount of perusing my phone would have given her any clue as to what was happening. It was with a heavy heart that I deleted any embarrassing images Lisa provided me after I finished using them, and we had a firm policy of only communicating via phone calls.

In addition to being an excellent employee, our newest recruit Lisa was also fantastic at attracting the attention of men. She was adored by everybody. Her enthusiasm was almost sexual, and her stunning beauty made one feel free to let their inhibitions go. At first, I did my best to disregard her—even making up reasons to leave work early—but I fell in to her endearing giggles as well.

*At 4:37 PM: What is the average cost of a divorce?*

My forehead was drenched with perspiration. Excuse me? Was a divorce from me in my wife's future? However, why is that? Lisa and I were completely hidden from her. Did anyone else show up? While she was making out with a lover guy she met at yoga class, was she intending to accuse me of being unfaithful?

*Why do people experience emotions?* (4:39 PM)

I clenched my jaw. No matter how unlikely it is that my wife found out about the affair, I can't even begin to fathom how she must have felt. I discovered a letter on the kitchen table when I got up late this morning. It said that she didn't want to wake me up and that she was out doing errands on Saturday. I was on the verge of contacting her and - oh...

The sight of a big droplet of blood on the keyboard made me cringe. What in the world? My first reaction was to raise my gaze to the ceiling. Not a single thing. I snapped out of it when I detected a very metallic odour. My palm lightly touched my cheek. On my palm, there was a crimson dot. Shocked, I gazed at it. With the exception of the occasion a football struck my face in high school, I had never previously had a nosebleed. With my hands covering my swollen nose, I sprung to my feet and hurriedly sprinted for the toilet, my head held high.

After I dressed myself and stopped the bleeding, I got back to my computer.

*4:44 PM: Where in the brain does love reside?*

It was a very targeted search. I don't think my wife has ever shown any enthusiasm for biology or the scientific method. For completeness' sake, I verified the account associated with the browser. Maybe this happened in the past, but to someone else. Alternately, maybe someone had somehow compromised our system?

No. Everything seemed to be in its proper place. From the login window, I could see my wife's happy face staring back at me. Who cares whether she found brain bits or not?

*Exerebration: what is it?* (4:49 PM)

Excuse me? Did you mean "excerebration"? A high-class dissolution of marriage? The phrase was completely foreign to me. Impatient to learn about my wife's plans for us, I jumped right in and clicked it.

That was a mistake.

Upon seeing the findings shown on the screen, I felt a knot in my gut and my gag reflex activated. I was about to hit the "return" button due to the graphic nature of the photos, when a brief text in bold drew my attention.

**"An old technique that involves cutting into the nasal bone to extract brain tissue."**

As my chest tightened, I reviewed the remaining entries by clicking the "back" button.

*5:01 PM: Is the hypothalamus essential for survival?*

*The hypothalamus's location: 5:05 PM*

*What is the safe dosage of Temazepam?* (5:11 PM)

Even though it made my skin crawl, I kept reading. There was a bang at the front door, but I was too engrossed to hear anything.

"My darling? My home has returned to me!

For lack of a better word, I just gazed at the background. Did I say anything wrong? I didn't know what questions to ask her in light of this.

"Hi there?" At my approach, she yelled out once again, her shoes tapping.

"Hey there!" "How was..." I blurted out as I tossed the box of Kleenex into the drawer.

"Oh, great," she said with a grin as she stepped into the foyer, "How are you doing?" Wow, you drank a lot last night!

“Um... ” "Did I?" I stalled.

As if she didn't know whether I was serious or not, she scrutinised me.

"What on earth is all this?" I pointed to the screen of the computer and asked.

She knelt down beside me at the desk and scowled at the damp wood, asking, "What?"

With an obvious tremor in my index finger, I gestured towards the browser history.

"Oh," she said with a heated face and two pink patches on her cheeks, "you did mention that we could give it a go, so..." You know, I had to look into it a little.

"Oh, really? How?" "We could try," I responded."What is it?"

It was the exce-something, she waved her hand dismissively. I really doubt you're ignorant.

This made my body shiver. The ecstatic dance.

Oh, Maddy..."What were you up to?

A crimson splatter hit the floor just as she was about to speak. Following that, still another. Plus one more. As Maddy's complexion became pale, she said, "W-what..."

Out of nowhere, a little lump of flesh slid down my shirt from my nose. We were both taken aback and silent as we gazed at it. My wife then let out a piercing scream and spun around to run out of the room, but I managed to track her down and hold her against the wall.

"Explain what you did to me!"

She struggled to free herself from my grasp, but I held on tightly. We were both covered in blood as it trickled down our chins and into our mouths.

"How are you so forgetful?" Her voice trembled as she attempted to thrust me in the ribs, demanding, "Don't you recall your actions?"

As I tried to bring back any recollection of what happened the night before, I glanced at her terrified face and thought, "No...what did I do?"

My friend, you"You claimed not to want to love Lisa, but you did!" she cried out in her grief, "You told me you were leaving me for her when you got home from work."

As more pulp landed on my stomach, I remained there silently, thinking about it.

No way! We must summon an ambulance to your aid! In an attempt to distance herself, Maddy yelled out, "What the fuck is that?"

"Then what took place?" "Tell me what you did," I shouted, my heart nearly jumping out of my chest.

"Nick, what the fuck?" "We got drunk, okay?" she shouted. It was rather a waste of time! Even more surprising is your claim that you have a solution! In order to mend us! You said that the hypothalamus is a part of your brain that, if eliminated, would make it impossible for you to love Lisa...

I thought I was experiencing a near-death experience. Her words were utterly bewildering. Would you believe it? She tried to remove a piece of my brain! And then...

"Hold on... " Subtly, I said, "Who's Lisa?"

I felt stupid for forgetting because of her look. A name like that seemed familiar to me. Hello, Lisa. Somehow, I just couldn't place it, even though it sounded quite familiar.

"What on earth are you trying to say?" Lisa! she sounded perplexed. Who was this woman with whom you had an affair for six months?

As I let go of my wife and collapsed to the floor, I said, "I don't remember."

With her lips pushed into a tiny line, Maddy gazed at me as her white blouse resembled a bloodbath.

"What on earth is going on with me?" In a low voice, I speak.

"My darling... What if I... inadvertently struck your hippocampus instead?" she said after a little period of silence, her eyes betraying her anguish.

Excuse me? To my mind, it said something completely irrelevant.

Maddy, I am not an encyclopaedia, for crying out loud! Show me the light! How on earth can one define a hippocampus?

Her subsequent words caught me completely off guard.

"My darling," she cried out, "you're a doctor. This is where your brain's memories is located.

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