My Weekly Trip Down the Medium Rabbit Hole #9

5 stories that could take you down your own exciting new rabbit holes

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I love Fridays. The working week is almost done, and I get to write these round-up articles.

What’s not to like?

Here are my five picks of the week. Hope you find something good to read here too.

Deja Elise — How to Raise Happy Humans That You Can Also Be Proud Of

My son might be a big bloke now, but there’s nothing I like more than a good parenting article. This one is a great read. It covers how parents sometimes struggle to help their children become what they ultimately want to be. Hint: it’s not about you.

Naya Lizardo — Approaching 50: A Milestone, Not a Millstone

I’ve been doing a lot of mid-life writing and reading recently. Maybe I’m feeling my age? My husband and son would probably say that it’s about time I did that. Naya’s article is a good read for anyone who is approaching a milestone birthday or moving into a new life-stage. It’ll help you see the positive sides of getting older.

ADEOLA SHEEHY-ADEKALE — How You Tag Your Work Will Decide if It’s Widely Read or Disappears Forever

If you’re anything like me, then you find article tags a bit bamboozling. I can spend a long time picking the ‘right’ ones and I’m still not sure if I get it right most of the time. Adeola is the editor of Modern Women. Her article will give you more information on how tags work in publications and on the site in general. Stay till the end for a bonus Boost tip!

Frances A. Chiu — From Colonial Britannia to Cool Britannia

Frances is a fantastic writer — her articles are always worth a read. I particularly enjoyed this one. She writes about her experiences of studying and living in the UK. It’s really interesting to read how she felt about our often over-maligned country.

barry robinson — I have a problem with death.

Barry’s one of my favourite British writers. He has a very British sense of humour and is a natural storyteller. I really enjoyed how he crafted a tale out of his dislike for songs about death here, intertwining the stories of two of his favourite songs which turn out to be about death….

Right that’s your lot. Hope all your weekends are work-free and fun-filled.

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