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My Stats for My First Two Weeks on Medium

I’m blown away by my success so far

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When I first started trying to write here on Medium to earn some money, I didn’t expect to make any progress at the beginning. I expected to pick up a few followers here and there, have a random internet eccentric comment every once in a while, and maybe make enough money to cover the cost of my five dollar membership.

To my delight that’s not what’s been happening. Only two weeks after I decided to put in the effort to make this thing on Medium work, the results have been encouraging.

But you want less sizzle and more steak, so let’s get to it.

I Have More Than 100 Followers

At the time of this writing I have 113 followers!

Screenshot by Author

A great big thank you to everyone who follows me on the platform.

The fact that over 100 people have found my writing helpful enough to follow me is truly encouraging and humbling. Especially since on a previous Medium account I got followers using a cheap method that I’m not proud of. You can read about it here:

But not so with you guys this time around. Growing over 100 of you organically makes me feel great.

I’ve Earned 6x My Goal With the Partner Program

I already mentioned that all I was hoping for this first month was to make my $5 membership fee back.

Not a lofty goal, but I’ve exceeded it:

Screenshot of earnings as of this morning on Saturday, February 24th.

As you can see a few of my stories have sucked in the earnings department. But since the account I had a couple years ago only made a little more than that in an entire year, I’ll take thirty dollars in two weeks as a success.

My Read Ratio is About 50%

Almost every story I publish has the same ratio.

Still trying to figure this one out

I’m still trying to figure out why half the people bounce and the rest stay. I’ve been constantly learning about writing well and working to apply what seems to make for better blogging. I’m confident this ratio will increase in the future.

All of My Top Earners Are About How to Succeed on Medium

Literally every single one of them has Medium somewhere in the title:

It’s clear what people like to learn about.

In my five years working as a graphic designer and getting educated about marketing, I’ve learned that if you want to make money you have to offer what people are willing to buy.

It’s clear that people on Medium want to know how to succeed on Medium. Go figure.

(P.S. That doesn’t mean I’m not writing about other stuff. But sharing your journey on Medium is a good strategy.)

Thank You

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Thank you for reading! And thank you again to all of the people who have followed me and engaged with my work.

I owe any success to consistency, perseverance, you, the reader, and God for giving me all of those things.

See you soon,


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