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My Broken


Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

You used to look superlative Sitting on the shelf Then like Humpty Dumpty You are badly broken delft.

When you fell, I could tell. The love affair was over One minute flying in the air The next there’s instant closure.

What’s new in the world of glue Let’s try Araldite Piece by piece since your demise What a dreadful sight.

Drat you look disjointed I yearn for your fine lines I tried and tried stopped and sighed It’s a sign of the times.

I love to call you china You were my prized possession When you fell, I could tell. It was time for a confession.

I gave you just a little nudge A smidgen of a push It was just a little tickle A sort of loving smooch.

Broken china on the floor You’re like a jigsaw puzzle Now I’m sad and feel bad We need to stop and nuzzle.


David Rudder 2024

Thank you for reading this piece and my poetry.

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