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Michael & Amigos II: Super Bowl LVIII — Part 4/5

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Welcome to the fourth installment of “Michael & Amigos II.” As usual, I am joined by my three amigos: Ashley F., Brian C., and my brother, J.C.

As big-time NFL football fans, this is the moment we have waited for all season — the arrival of Super Bowl LVIII! The San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs are slated to battle one another in Sunday’s big game at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

Without further ado, these are our Super Bowl predictions, starting with mine:

  • San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs: I hope the San Francisco 49ers win Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday for my 82-year-old father, Cal. He is a lifelong fan and still recalls quarterback Y.A. Tittle leading the team to the 1957 conference championship against the Detroit Lions (my father had listened to the now-classic game via radio from work). Hence, for my father to witness the 49ers earn a sixth Super Bowl title would be amazing…
  • …But I sadly expect the Kansas City Chiefs to be victorious Sunday. They are not only the NFL’s top team, but also its reigning dynasty, making their fourth Super Bowl appearance in five seasons. True, quarterback Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs have looked terrible at times this season. But championship teams know how to win when it counts – and that includes this game…
  • …So, my prediction is that Chiefs win, Mahomes is named Super Bowl MVP, and head coach Andy Reid rides off into retirement with a third ring…
  • …Unpopular opinion: If the 49ers lose, I believe head coach Kyle Shanahan should be fired. Yes, fired. F-I-R-E-D. In seven seasons, he has been given more opportunities to win a Super Bowl title than his predecessors. Given more decorated rosters than his predecessors. Given more support from the football community than his predecessors — heck, even his supposed “critics” love him. Yet, a loss for the 49ers on Sunday would mean zero titles in seven seasons for Shanahan. Zero. Zilch. Nada — in seven seasons. No more blaming injuries. No more “would’ve” or “almost.” No more feel-good, moral victories. Shanahan deserves to get canned if the Chiefs win. End of story. Chiefs win

Ashley F.

  • 49ers vs. Chiefs: Ready for it? It’s finally here. A rematch of the game from four years ago when the Kansas City Chiefs had edged the San Francisco 49ers to win Super Bowl 54. While some familiar faces return in Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce, they deeply miss the speedy wide receiver Tyreek Hill, who has since moved on to Miami. Not only do the 49ers return wide receiver Deebo Samuel, tight end George Kittle, defensive end Nick Bosa and more, they’ve since added running back Christian McCaffrey and defensive end Chase Young. Expect quarterback Brock Purdy to lead the 49ers to victory, McCaffrey to win MVP, and the 49ers to take home their sixth Lombardi Trophy. 49ers win

Brian C.

  • 49ers vs. Chiefs: And then there were two. The Kansas City Chiefs return after … well, some head-scratching decisions by the Baltimore Ravens. Honestly, it’s been a weird ride for the Chiefs. Unlike previous years, it’s the second-best ranked defense (and second-best scoring one) that’s carried the load, anchored by defensive tackle Chris Jones and a vastly improved secondary that’s ranked fourth in the NFL. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs is wildly spectacular with the sixth-best passing attack, with tight end Travis Kelce still being effective and running back Isiah Pacheco attacking defenders. But most of the committee of offensive pieces have made headlines more for drops and mistakes than catches (Though they have gotten better in the playoffs). Not to mention the turnover differential (-11) that would be the worst of any potential Super Bowl winner. Indeed, it feels like this version of the Chiefs is probably the weakest of those to make it to the big dance. And yet, they keep winning. They’ve survived the AFC gauntlet, and like clockwork they are here once again…
  • Then we have the San Francisco 49ers, fresh off a thrilling comeback victory against the Detroit Lions, with the third-best rushing attack led by running back Christian McCaffrey. Not to mention quarterback Brock Purdy and the fourth-best passing attack, with a slew of offensive weapons like wide receivers Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk along with tight end George Kittle. The 49ers also boast the third-best rushing defense (and third-best scoring one). While the passing defense is more in the middle of the pack, linebackers Fred Warner and Dre Greenlaw are some of the best in the game, and they are quite good at forcing turnovers (+10 in turnover differential). But for all their strengths, the 49ers haven’t played great in these playoffs, looking far more vulnerable than the team we saw all year. The other worry has been head coach Kyle Shanahan, who historically in big games past has blinked under the pressure, getting “too cute” with his play calling, getting too pass happy, and abandoning the run when it matters. But they’ve survived and made it to the Super Bowl, with a chance to create some new history…
  • So, who wins? It’s funny – every prediction I’ve heard over the last week has said more or less the same thing: “The Niners have the better team and should win, but I can’t bet against Mahones.” And I get it. There feels like a certain inevitability to the Chiefs.
  • But if the Chiefs have one major weakness that no one seems to be talking about, it’s their rushing defense, ranked 18th in the NFL and the 49ers with the third-best rushing attack should be able to exploit. Expect McCaffery to have a field day (and be your MVP!) Not to mention doing so will keep Mahomes and his wizardry on the sidelines and limit the Chiefs opportunities. Finally with the Chiefs’ All-Pro guard Joe Thuney not expected to play, 49ers’ star defensive end Nick Bosa should be able to disrupt the offense just enough on that side of the ball.
  • Call it Homer-ism, call it madness, but the 49ers are my pick. 49ers win


  • 49ers vs. Chiefs: Well, let’s see here – we have the reigning Super Bowl champions (Kansas City Chiefs) vs. some weak-ass, crybaby wannabes. Chiefs aren’t the same team they had been last season. They have some dumb-ass wide receivers and a moderate-at-best running game. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is still Mahomes – and that is all it takes for the Chiefs to win another Super Bowl title. The “Whiners” just makes me sick thinking about how fucking lucky they’ve been to get here – tons of cheating and bad calls in their favor. Well, that shit ends here, finally.
  • Don’t get me wrong – I still fucking hate the Chiefs with a passion. Go Raiders! Chiefs win

That’s all, folks! Please join us again next week when we discuss the outcome of Super Bowl LVIII and give our final thoughts on the 2023–24 NFL season. Until then — take care, enjoy, and go football!

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