The web content provides a curated list of React Native dashboard app templates and resources available for developers in 2020, offering a variety of options for mobile app development.


The article "Memo of React native dashboad templete" serves as a compilation of resources for developers seeking React Native free templates for mobile app development in 2020. It highlights "6 Best React Native Free Templates for 2020" from madewithreact.com, which suggests that these templates can assist developers in creating apps for both iOS and Android platforms. Additionally, it lists 45 react-native dashboard app templates from code.market, emphasizing the availability of eCommerce and native web templates. The Exicube Delivery App React Native is featured for its clean, organized code. Instamobile is noted for its collection of over 25 React Native app templates and themes for iOS, Android, and Web. A specific product, the ChatGPT App, is also linked. Lastly, CodeCanyon is mentioned for its extensive library of 766 react native mobile app templates, and the Argon React Native template is showcased with a provided demo link. The article concludes with a hopeful note for the usefulness of the information provided and a motivational send-off for developers.


  • The author believes that the listed resources can provide a significant helping hand in mobile app development.
  • The inclusion of a variety of templates suggests the author's opinion that there is a template suitable for every developer's needs, whether for eCommerce, dashboards, or delivery apps.
  • By providing a range of sources, from free templates to purchasable themes, the author implies that both budget-conscious and quality-focused developers can find valuable resources.
  • The mention of clean and organized code for the Exicube Delivery App indicates the author's appreciation for well-structured projects.
  • The article's closing remarks convey the author's enthusiasm and support for the development community, wishing them success in their endeavors.

Memo of React native dashboad templete

  • 6 Best React Native Free Templates for 2020
  • Code Market

Exicube Delivery App React Native

  • instamobile
  • ChatGPT App


  • CodeCanyon
  • Argon React Native


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