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Medvedev, Published New Map — Ukraine Gone.

President Putin — Russian Borders Don’t End Anywhere.

Previous Russian president’s, Medvedev’s horrific map.

Polish and Romanian borders were also changed during Medvede’s released map. Previous Russian president, Medvedev, has told that Ukraine is ours, and explained everything by also releasing a map, showing the whole situation, and its supposed future.

What else does Russian officials have to say and do, before the world sees Russia as a global threat? This is not rare statements released by Russian officials, this has been going on for many years. Not only does Russia pose existential threat to its surrounding countries, but based on what kind of people are in charge of Russia, everything could be way worse.

Its governmental officials have been releasing harsh and inhumane statements all the way since the war begun, it was only then, that these statements became more common and more frequent. People who are close to Putin, have a common trace, which is bringing suffering, and not regarding other people.

What shocks me the most is that president Putin is a faith having person, he said this during his interview with Carlson. He also mentioned it in many more places. While I have no clue what is in his head, destroying human life, killing his own people without a reason, sending threats to West, and risking his own population to be wiped out. Is clearly not a religious trait, by any stretch of an imagination.

Putin is stuck in the past, and so is his officials. Russia is by far the biggest country in the world, and yet, even that is not enough for them. Russia as a nation, has a history rich in wars, corruption, and inhumane activities. Speaking of just Putin and Medvedev. They use hate as a weapon, I believe this is evident from what they had just shared.

Medvedev, is a dangerous individual, even though he is not in power over Russia, his friend, Putin, is. Isn’t interesting how the map that Medvedev released depicts Russia as being red? Even he is not hiding the fact that wherever Russia goes, people die.

In the map, Russia gains control of majority of Ukraine, while some of its parts fall into the hands of Poland and Hungary, and Romania. Here is a direct quote as to what Medvedev had to say:

territory on both banks of the Dnipro is inherently part of Russia’s historical strategic borders — Medvedev

The problem is, if Russian officials see through such lenses, it will be just a matter of time before they will want to regain all of their once held territories. The Baltics would then be regarded as targets. Medvedev has already referred to Poland as “dangerous enemy”, and has made it publicly that Poland risk losing its statehood. Speaking of governed Russia by such officials. Russia is not a peaceful country, that’s a nation that poses threat to the rest of the world.

Here’s further what Medvedev had to say:

no matter how ambitious the revanchist plans may be(speaking of Poland), their collapse could lead to the death of Polish statehood in its entirety

A nation that stands against the evil ideas that Russia upholds and wants to bring into Europe, will ultimately be regarded a problem, by Russia. It is extremely sad the way Russian officials destroyed their country, and played with the lives of its people, not regarding them, by any stretch of an imagination.

Speaking of the map proposed by Russian official, he referred to a previous Ukrainian leader, that said that Ukraine is not part of Russia, and is an independent country that fought hard to achieve its freedom. He regarded him as an individual who has lost his mind, and said: “Ukraine is definitely Russia.”

Medvedev giving his speech. (twitter)

People thought that Medvedev will stop with his hatred expressed to Europe, but he didn’t. He quoted Putin, where he said that “Russian borders don’t end anywhere”, he then said “these were good words”.

Russian history has already shown what were the consequences of their once occupied nations. Ukrainian people were starved and were not given food, were made fun of. Lithuanian people were deported to Siberia, through Russian trains. There was massive russification happening, people could not teach their national language to their children. Russia withheld information from such people, and wanted them to believe the lies of propaganda.

The only way this war can be ended is through Ukrainian victory. I doubt that diplomacy can do much, at this point in time. Even if someone will come up with diplomatic solutions regarding Ukraine, It won’t be good. Russia does not want to surrender, and lose all their progress for which they lost hundreds of thousands of people. Ukraine does not want to surrender as well, and give them all this territory, for which they fought for.

Ukraine as a nation would be split and divided if such diplomatic plans would be implemented. Russian military has lost 14th fighter jet, and one more to be confirmed, since the month of February, according to Ukrainian military.

Its military has already received its F-16s, and the European Union has promised to send 700,000 artillery shells to Ukraine in several months. It will take Russia many years to recover from this war, the only thing it can’t replace are the human lives. As its population growth is already in decline, and its nation is already experiencing a shortage of work force.

Russia already demonstrated that they have no successfully working way to win this war, against a country that is regarded as having a much weaker military. For over two years Russia has been fighting to win, very little victory can be seen from its started war. At this rate, Russia would no longer be regarded as a super power by the time it hypothetically takes Ukraine, which I don’t believe they are capable of. As long as Ukraine has ammunition for the weapons that Western nations gave it.

By the way these officials talked, disarming Ukraine clearly won’t bring peace.

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