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Medium Weekly Stats for March 17–23

A recap of last week’s earnings and stats

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Spring is here in Texas, which means longer and warmer days. This time of year is perfect for spending time outside before the heat of summer arrives in full force.

Recap of Last Week

I published eight articles on Medium last week. One article didn’t do well, but that’s because it was a little on the short side, and college basketball is a niche topic.

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Daily Earnings for Medium

03/17/24 — $9.40 03/18/24 — $17.02 03/19/24 — $25.29 03/20/24 — $18.14 03/21/24 — $13.10 03/22/24 — $19.49 03/23/24 — $14.23

Total Earnings for the Week — $116.67

My earnings are up from last week. Hopefully, the momentum continues but you never know with Medium.

I’ve been trying to focus more on quality instead of just randomly posting things. If I’m lucky, I might break the $400 monthly barrier on Medium.

Plans for the Week

I’ll keep posting on a regular basis on Medium. I’ve been writing a few articles ahead of time, which helps me stay on schedule.

I’m also looking forward to Thursday when the Texas Rangers start a brand new baseball season against the Chicago Cubs.

I may also start accepting writers for a new publication. It will be a place for experienced or new writers and anyone in between. I’ll write more about it later on in a separate post.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m happy with my progress, and I enjoy the freedom to write about anything.

I’m also glad that Medium is making an effort to limit AI articles on the platform. AI articles are no longer allowed to be put behind the paywall.

It will be interesting to see how they implement this policy. Hopefully, things go smoother than last time.

Quote of the Week

“I’ve never lost a game. I just ran out of time.” — Michael Jordan

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