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Medium Needs To Steal This Great Feature From Spotify

For the sake of everyone, especially new writers

Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash

Do I even need to tell you who Eve Arnold or Tim Denning are?

Probably not.

They are everywhere, not only because their great content spreads quite easily, but also because people mention them often (like I’m doing now) so it's impossible to miss them.

But great stories or ideas don’t exclusively come from well-known writers.

There are lots of great lesser known and even somewhat anonymous writers out there who I wish would be easier to discover.

So how about a “Discover Weekly”?

Image by Spotify Advertising Team.

Spotify listeners don’t just listen, they discover — new sounds, new genres, and new voices.

— Spotify

It's because of features like this one that Spotify is the world’s leading streaming service.

They make it easy to discover new talent.

So here is the idea…

In the same fashion as “Discover Weekly”, Medium should create a weekly “playlist” with stories from new and lesser-known writers based on our personalized reading preferences or history.

Huge emphasis on new and lesser-known writers.

Because that is ultimately what would differentiate it from the already existing “For you” tab on the home page.

This is roughly what it should look like:

“Discovery Weekly” feature idea. Image by Andres Vourakis.

What are your thoughts?

By the way, here are some more feature ideas I think Medium should seriously consider.

I need to give credit to Lukas Unger for inspiring this article. Reading his article about making writers more discoverable got me instantly thinking about Spotify.

Thank you for reading 🙏

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