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Medium Has A Huge AI Problem

Dull AI generated content could kill the platform.

Technology topic page results on Medium

Medium fatigue is a thing.

I love that Medium wants to do something about AI generated content… but I’m sick and tired of still seeing it everywhere.

In the featured image you can see the latest stories that I got showed when I visited the Technology topics page.

When I clicked on “See more stories” this AI diarrhea continued.

No wonder you feel like NO ONE reads your stories when people have to scroll endlesslessy to get to a human written piece.

What do they think?

That we’re stupid?

I guess some people click in these cryptocurrency stories because there are hundreds of them! Hundreds.

See this text?

I could throw up!

What to do about it?

Let Medium know we don’t want to see this anymore. We need a stronger paywall, more gatekeepers.

This dull could kill our beloved writing platform one day in the near future.

Click on the three dots and

  • Show less like this

or (much better!)

  • report story as I did!

There are hundreds of them so you can’t report ALL of them but if we work together Medium will (hopefully) see what’s going on here.

We don’t need more “members” like this.

We don’t need more robotic content here.

We want human-written, messy stories. We want typos. We want emotions.

We want REAL people on images. I’m also sick and tired of all those AI generated images althrough I used to be a huge fan first.

Goodbye DFI.Money Gas and all the other spammers and bots!

We don’t need you here.

Humans, let’s connect on Medium and/or on Substack!

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