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Mature Daddy’s Fuck Me Senseless — part 2

Jim calls over his best friend to tag team my insatiable desire.

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Jim grabbed his phone and called his buddy and put the phone on speaker.

“Hey Mike, how are ya?” he greeted.

Mike responded: “Not too bad, Jim, thanks for calling me dude. What’s up?”

“I just fucked this girl,” Jim explained. “She is still here with me tonight and I thought you might enjoy some company. She likes older guys a lot.”

Mike was quiet for a moment.

“Yeah man I’d love to meet her,” he finally replied. “What should I bring?”

“Just your cock and be well rested,” Jim joked.

“Ha ha, okay cool. I’m gonna swing by in 20 minutes or so. See you then, bro!”

“How about we both go and freshen up a bit in the shower before he arrives?” I suggested.

“Sounds good,” Jim agreed.

We headed to the bathroom and washed ourselves clean. By the time we were done, Mike knocked on the door. Jim answered just wrapped in a towel.

“Hey buddy, come on in.”

Mike entered the room and smiled widely seeing me sitting on the bed waiting for him. I got up and gave him a hug and a quick peck on the cheek.

“Wow you weren’t kidding!” He exclaimed as he gazed at me. “This chick looks amazing! You must’ve really been working it.”

I blushed and shrugged modestly.

“Thanks,” I replied shyly, smiling bashfully. “But believe me; I am nowhere near my best.”

“Don’t worry about that sweetheart,” Mike assured me. “You’re gorgeous. Now shut up and get on your knees for me.”

Without saying anything else, Mike walked over to the bed and sat down beside me. He reached out to grab hold of my hair and pulled me down to his lap. His strong hands massaging my scalp, kneading my head firmly as I lowered my mouth to his semi-erect cock. I sucked hungrily, bobbing my head up and down his shaft, trying to swallow as much of him as I possibly could.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” he groaned as I worked my magic.

Then he lifted my chin up and stared into my eyes.

“Tell me how much you like sucking cock, honey,” he said.

“I love it,” I replied confidently. “I love giving blow jobs.”

“Good girl,” he murmured approvingly.

I looked up at him and smiled. His handsome face glowed with satisfaction, and I felt proud of myself for pleasing him. Jim dropped his towel and he started stroking himself until he was fully erect. He then moved behind me and inserted his cock back inside my snatch. I moaned quietly as I accepted him back inside me. Soon however, I had no choice but to focus on servicing Mike. He grabbed hold of my head again and forced me to continue sucking him off.

“Suck that dick bitch,” he ordered.

I obeyed willingly, sucking and slurping on his shaft. Jim smacked my ass roughly with each downward thrust, forcing me to move faster and deeper. I heard Jim grunt as he took hold of my hips and pumped into me. I felt his balls slapping against my pussy, and I realized that he wasn’t holding back anymore. He was going to make sure I got used properly tonight after all. And I was happy to oblige.

After a few minutes Jim withdrew his cock from inside me.

“Come on buddy, it’s your turn to enjoy this pussy!”

Mike wasted no time in moving between my legs. He slipped a finger into my cunt and I moaned appreciatively as he probed my insides. Then suddenly he added two fingers and shoved them in deep. I groaned loudly and pushed my ass backwards towards him, wanting more.

He pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his cock. He lined it up with my hole and eased it in. It stretched me open painfully, stretching my walls to accommodate his huge girth. I winced as I felt him penetrate me fully, but soon I adjusted and began moaning in pleasure as well.

Jim then came to the other side and inserted his cock in my mouth. I greedily swallowed his entire length while Mike pounded away at my asshole. Within minutes I was being double penetrated by these two men and loving it. They both seemed pleased with the way things were progressing and I could tell that they wanted to fuck me even harder. I was ready for them to do exactly that.

“Fuck me Daddy!” I yelled as loud as I dared.

My words encouraged him and he picked up speed. He drove into me harder and faster, pounding my abused hole relentlessly. My screams echoed throughout the house and made me feel incredibly naughty.

I glanced over to see Jim standing beside me, watching Mike ravage my body. He was thrusting his cock inside my mouth, clearly enjoying the show. I felt a sudden surge of lust shoot through me as I saw how turned on he appeared.

“Daddy,” I panted urgently. “Are you going to take turns fucking me? Or are you only letting Mike use my holes right now?”

He didn’t answer immediately. Instead, he continued pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. When he did speak, he sounded conflicted.

“I can’t decide which one of us gets to be inside you,” he admitted.

“Why don’t you get beneath and fuck my pussy and Daddy Mike moves inside my ass?” I proposed. “That way everyone wins.”

“Okay,” he decided. “Let’s try that.”

As instructed, Jim got beneath me and inserted his cock inside my pussy, while Mike slowly inserted his cock into my ass. I moaned loudly as they simultaneously invaded my holes. Then I felt their cocks rub together as they moved within me. Their hardness pressed against mine and caused me to moan in delight. I felt overwhelmed by the sensation of having two dicks sliding in and out of my body at once.

“Oooooh shit!” I cried out. “It feels so fucking good!”

“Fucking slut,” Mike grumbled. “You know what you like don’t ya?”

I nodded excitedly, unable to form words yet. I was still getting accustomed to the dual penetration. But I already knew that I loved it when two guys fucked me at the same time. And judging by the look on Jim’s face, he was equally delighted.

The three of us remained motionless for several moments. All three of our bodies were trembling as we experienced the intense pleasure of simultaneous sex. Our orgasms built steadily until we were gasping and writhing in unison.

Finally though, the pressure became unbearable and I needed release.

“Fuck me Daddy!” I gasped. “Fill me up!”

Jim complied without hesitation. With a powerful lunge, he buried his cock deeply inside my wet channel. He held me close and began slamming into me hard and fast, making me scream out in ecstasy as I climaxed repeatedly.

Mike joined in shortly afterwards, plunging his massive cock deep into my ass. I felt him throbbing inside me, sending waves of pleasure through my whole body. This was unlike any orgasm I had ever experienced before. The fact that I was receiving double penetrations also contributed significantly to my heightened state of arousal. I felt my muscles tightening uncontrollably around both men, causing them to gasp with surprise. I could sense that they were both reaching their own peaks as well.

“Oh God,” Jim groaned. “Your pussy is incredible.”

“And your cock is unbelievable,” I breathed.

Both men pulled out their hard cocks.

“Get on your knees, we’ll spray you with your reward.”

They positioned themselves above me, and I eagerly opened my mouth. I felt warm jets of semen splashing against my tongue and I gulped down every drop. As I licked their softening cocks clean, I looked up at them. Both of them were grinning happily.

“You guys are awesome!” I told them.

“Thanks,” Mike replied.

“Now let’s finish this party!” Jim announced.

He climbed onto the bed and lay flat on top of me. He rubbed his cock across my lips and I instinctively parted them. Then he plunged his cock into my mouth. He grabbed hold of my hair and held me steady as he slid in and out of me cleaning his cock. Mike followed quickly and repeated the process next to him, driving his thick cock into my mouth.

“God damn,” Jim grunted contentedly. “You’re such an easy fuck, baby.”

I giggled and kissed his belly.

“Aw, thanks Daddy,” I said lovingly.

When they finished cumming, Jim rolled off me and got dressed. He handed me a tissue to wipe myself clean. Afterward, he helped me to stand up.

“Do you want to stay?” He asked me hopefully.

“Yes please,” I replied. “I think we need another round.”

“Awesome,” Jim grinned. “We better get to work then, huh?”

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