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Love Muscles: Respect

Find something you admire in them. Let that be the building block.

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When I am asked about respect, I think of admiration.

What do I admire about the person? Are the efforts of an organization admirable? If admiration exists, respect is sure to be there, too.

If admiration does not yet exist, I'm not so sure I have respect. Yet.

Respect should be given freely. Often very quickly. Examples?

A mom. Instant respect.

A police officer. Or a fireman. Instant respect. Nurses, too.

Teachers. Caregivers. Writers. It's pretty close to instant.

Folks who smile a lot. Yep. I could go on and on with specifics and drill down into the depths of respect. Dancers, athletes, and singers/musicians. Any performer, really.

Here's a kicker … be a good finder. Find something to admire in them — and you will find respect to give them.

What about…

  • The homeless veteran who is drunk most nights? Keyword: Veteran!
  • The older lady who pushes a shopping cart with all she owns? Keyword: Survivor
  • The teenager who asks if he can mow your lawn or pull weeds? Keyword: _______
  • The pregnant young lady sitting at a bus stop trying to borrow money? Keyword: _______
  • The single mom who has three kids who wreak havoc and make noise in your apartment hallways? Keyword: ________

Here's the lesson I'm trying to share:

  1. Be a good finder.
  2. Show some respect because you've found something you admire in that person.
  3. Don't wait for respect. Give yours away.
  4. Looking away from someone and averting your eyes? I don't admire that practice.

If we can find something to admire and treat others respectfully, we will have and show marvelous love muscles.

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