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Just in time for our Love Month, welcome to “The Love Pub,” a sanctuary where the heart’s musings find a voice and where every story echoes the myriad forms of love. In these pages, we celebrate love in its infinite variety — from the first flutter of a fledging romance to the deep resonance of a lifelong bond. We seek tales that make us swoon, narratives that fill our hearts with laughter, and accounts that affirm the vitality of living with an open heart.

All Love stories are acceptable.

Publication Guidelines:

  1. No rules!
  2. 24/7 posting
  3. AI Generated stories accepted
  4. You are your own editor
  5. All love topics accepted.
  6. One of the three essential key aspects must be included in your article: Love, Laughter and Living.
  7. Try to tag the publication on every article you post on the pub.

If you are interested in joining the Love Publication send me a comment on this posting.

February 2, 2024

Quick update: Posting questions asked.

Question: Why would we consider AI content?

Answer: I did want everyone to know that all the other publications have that same restriction, with three exceptions. Francisco Iglesias, “Inside the Mind of a Writer," “Love Pub," and this platform that accepts all written content.

The rejections from every other publication consist of:

  1. Rejected article, you can’t write good enough
  2. Rejected article; this is about 80% AI-generated
  3. Rejected article, you need to follow my rules. I told you 100 words and you wrote 105 words.
  4. Rejected article; the title is not the right font
  5. Rejected article; the sub-title is not where it should be

Did I miss anything?

What do we care most about on this platform?

The people who write the stories we read. Each author has a following; it may be 1 or 1 million, but they have a following and a reader that likes their content. No matter how you feel about their content, there are those that love them. My explanation included that there are other people in this world who may have never made it to 2nd grade, many who had F’s like me from my English teacher; who just didn’t like the political choices my parents made and took it out on me for four years in high school.

Again, we care about the people who write the stories we read.

Without AI’s assistance, these authors wouldn’t have been able to share their unique stories and personal journeys. I have read my share of AI-generated books and articles. I can say I have some favorites that tug at my heartstrings. These are the stories that could never have been written without AI’s assistance.

May I remind everyone that AI recruits your leadership at your companies. AI also does major recruiting to bring in your top 3 candidates to your workplace when you post an open position. AI is a force that we cannot push back; it is coming to our shopping choices, the social media platforms we use, and the shows we watch. It will become our everyday. Perhaps even the news can be AI-generated now.

I did not want to create another divide here. We cannot achieve Oneness if we continue to judge and divide people the way we do. A rejection is a rejection. Some can recover from it, and some cannot and take that rejection with them their whole lives. Then they too will do this to others. The cycle continues.

And what right do we have to police grammar for a blog post? C’mon now. We are ok with raw language like shit, fuck, but we can't accept a perfectly created article that has “tapestry” “weaving” in their narratives because it’s AI content? Think about this.

Do you want to be that person who gave someone a traumatic experience of being rejected? The Love Pub will not be that person. Sorry.

Now, AI content from AI authors who generate 100 articles a day is a different story. I will review each and every author who asks to join us; check out their profiles to see if they have unique stories to share and if they are not bots. I have a list of these authors and they will not be considered for this publication. Let me know if you have them too, send me an email; it will be kept private.

And only one of your profiles from this platform will be considered to join; pick your choices wisely on which profile joins “The Love Pub”

Thank you so much for sending me all your questions. Keep them coming my Lovers.

Email is [email protected]

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