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Looking Forward to Having Sex With Others

As I sucked his cock, my pussy was gushing and my clit was on fire. I wanted so bad to be fucked. With one swift move, I pulled away from his cock and pushed him onto the bed.

Make sure to follow this story from the beginning:

I awoke to my husband’s arms around me. As I opened my eyes, Kevin was looking at me.

“I love you,” I whispered.

He pressed his lips against mine and I embraced his kiss.

“How was your evening?” he asked cautiously.

“I…I went through with it. I had sex with James. Isn’t that what you wanted?”

Kevin smiled but didn’t say anything.

“How was your night? Was it all you thought it would be?” I asked.

Kevin didn’t hold back on the details of his night. They were naked in her bed within minutes of arriving at her house. He told me that she sucked his dick until he came and Alina swallowed his load. I figured he told me that because I have never allowed him to cum in my mouth.

“But was it all you thought it would be?” I asked again, hoping to finally get an answer.

“It was okay,” he responded.

It seemed to me he was a little disappointed when he finally described how they fucked. He said he fucked her from behind until he came inside her and Alina just collapsed on the bed and fell asleep. He didn’t say it, but I think he expected more. I became convinced I should leave out any detail of my sexual tryst with James. Maybe telling Kevin how many times I orgasmed on his wonderful cock wouldn’t be the best idea right now.

We didn’t speak much about our swap in the following week. I did encourage him to try fucking me in the missionary position because that’s how James fucked me and I enjoyed it.

“So you liked him fucking you that way,” Kevin said, unable to hide his jealousy.

He kept asking for more details of James fucking me but I held back all the juicy details.

Another week had passed when Kevin told me he had gotten another request on the website. A couple, Janice and David, who were younger than us. He was in his late thirties while she was in her early twenties and they were both looking to have their first swinging experience. Janice appeared to be short and full-figured while David was tall and skinny. I could tell my husband wanted to try swapping again, hoping for different results.

“Are you alright with meeting them?” Kevin asked.

“We could meet them and decide from there if that is what you want,” I said, feigning apprehension.

Our first swap had whetted my appetite to fuck other men but I wanted my husband to think I wasn’t too sure about jumping in bed with someone else.

Kevin contacted David and arranged for us to meet for dinner at a restaurant that was connected to a club so we could dance afterwards. They seemed to be very committed to swapping the same night we were to meet and we decided that if everyone agreed, we would split up to each other’s homes.

Dinner with Janice and David went well. Janice was evidently the dominant one of the two and she was clearly pushing her husband into swapping. She was very bubbly and outgoing while David was quiet and reserved. Even if Janice was a little too pushy, Kevin appeared to be enjoying the attention she was giving him. I could tell from the start that she wanted to go home with my man.

After we finished eating, we headed over to the club. Janice grabbed Kevin and pulled him over to the dance floor. By their second dance, she already had her hands all over my husband. Unlike last time, I was more at peace with what was happening. I was still jealous but I was also looking forward to seeing what David was all about. The next dance was slow so I led David out to dance.

“I think your wife wants to take my husband home with her,” I whispered into his ear as he held me tight.

“Yeah, Janice is pretty forward and knows exactly what she wants. I just want her to be happy,” he replied.

We finished our dance with me grinding my pelvis into his crotch. I could feel him getting hard in his pants. We sat back down with my husband and Janice bouncing over to us and she sat next to me.

“Your man is going to take me back home and fuck me. Are you ready to take David home and fuck him?” she almost yelled in my ear.

I looked over at my husband, who shrugged and gave me a silly “we are going to do this” look.

“Yes, Janice, I’m ready for David to take me!”

After that, Janice went over to her husband, probably telling him her decision. David looked at me with a deer-in-the-headlights look on his face but this time, I was going to act. I stood up and grabbed him by the arm, pulling him outside before Janice or my husband could react.

“Take me to your car,” I commanded as we rushed outside.

In the short drive to our house, we didn’t talk much. I could tell David was a little in shock. The scene felt so familiar but now I was the experienced one and he was the nervous beginner. When we got home, I fixed us both a drink and we moved to the couch in the living room.

David confirmed that it was Janice’s idea to try swinging. He told me that she had a very high sexual appetite and that he just couldn’t keep up with it. While we talked, I caressed his leg, rubbing my hand up and down his thigh.

“Listen, Corinne,” he said, taking a deep breath and a longer pause than needed. “I really didn’t want to do this. I only agreed because it was what Janice wanted. I probably should just go.”

How ironic, I thought. Just a couple of weeks ago I was sitting in the same place, having the same crisis, and I remembered all I needed was a little push to help me go over the edge.

“David, I was in your position just a couple of weeks ago,” I said and started pulling off my blouse, giving him a better look at my cleavage. “I thought love had to be part of sex, but I found that it doesn’t.”

He had his eyes fixed on my large breasts.

“I also thought sex was sex,” I continued, putting my hand on his crotch, “and one penis would feel like every other penis. But I found it exhilarating to feel a different cock inside me and it didn’t affect my love for my husband. I’m not going to push you to do this, but I get the feeling that you might enjoy something new.”

David’s cock was rock-hard by now, forming a tent in his pants.

“You are very pretty and I guess I can’t hide the fact you are making me excited,” David said.

“That’s all I needed to hear,” I said and started rubbing his hard cock through his pants. “Come!”

I stood up and extended my hand. He just looked at me, with his deer-in-the-headlights look again.

“Let’s go to the bedroom and I want you to stop me if I do something that makes you uncomfortable.”

He nodded and finally took my hand. When we got to the bedroom, I hugged him and planted my lips against his, slowly licking between his lips until he parted them and I pushed my tongue into his warm mouth.

Breaking our kiss, I stepped back and took my bra off.

“Is this better?”

“God! Yes! Can I touch them?” he asked.

“Touch them, kiss them, you can even rub that beautiful cock of yours between them. Whatever you want, David.”

He reached out, cupping my breasts with both hands before kissing them. While he kissed my breasts, I slowly slid my skirt to the floor and pulled David onto the bed, on top of me. We kissed and he explored every inch of my skin.

“Would you like to take your pants off? Your cock feels nice and hard, I think it wants to come out and play,” I said, running my fingers along his shaft, tracing the outline of his member through his pants.

David pulled his pants and boxers down, finally releasing his cock. The long and skinny member immediately sprung to attention.

“Mmm,” I moaned, running my hand up and down his hard cock. “David, you have such a nice-looking cock.”

I dropped to my knees, my face level with his cock and my lips just inches away from his tip, and I felt him twitch as he probably thought I’d give him a blowjob. Instead, I slowly let a dollop of saliva drool over his arrow-like head.

“Your cock is so long, baby. I can’t wait to feel you inside of me,” I said as I pumped his cock with my fist.

I was on cloud nine as he started moaning in rhythm with my pumping. The sensation of power over this man was overwhelming and intoxicating. Smiling, I moved closer to his cock again and gave his head a gentle kiss. David let out a loud groan as my lips finally touched his skin and I wrapped them around him.

As I sucked his cock, my pussy was gushing and my clit was on fire. I wanted so bad to be fucked. With one swift move, I pulled away from his cock and pushed him onto the bed, then crawled over, straddling him. As I put my legs on either side of him, I used my hand to aim his cock at my pussy and then slowly descended over it, feeling his member impale my wet hole.

“Oh, that feels so good,” I moaned.

It was a different feeling than Kevin or James. He wasn’t as thick but he was able to go farther in me than either of the other two.

Slowly, I began bouncing up and down on his cock, and soon, all inhibitions were gone and David started slapping his hips against my butt as I came down on him hard.

“Oh, God, yes. Yes!” I cried out as his cock stabbed my cervix.

He put his right hand over my neck and pulled me closer to him, kissing me passionately as he pounded me.

“Ungh! T-Tell me… what is that one position Janice doesn’t want to do?” I asked, pulling away from his hungry mouth.

“She doesn’t like doing it from behind. She says it makes her feel like a dog.”

“Okay, stop for a moment. I’m going… I’m going to get on my hands and knees and you are going to fuck me like a dog. I might even bark.”

I rolled over and got on my hands and knees, pushing my ass up in the air and my head down in the sheets. I felt David get behind me and with one move he shoved his cock back into my pussy.

“Fuck me hard!” I commanded, looking back at him.

I watched his eyes pop out of his head, then he put his hands on my hips and started thrusting his cock furiously. His cock was hitting the deepest parts of my pussy and soon I felt an orgasm build inside of me.

“Keep going, I’m cumming,” I said, pushing back against him.

David thrust two more times then pushed his cock into me hard, grunting. I could feel my pussy filling up with his cum and as his cock twitched, I came, an incredible wave of pleasure washing over me.

Spent, I fell on my stomach and David took me in his arms. We lay in silence for what seemed like ages.

“That was a good fuck, David,” I said, breathing heavily.

“That was great! But Corinne, I have to ask you something that might sound silly,” David said, pulling away from me.

“Go ahead, darling. Ask me.”

“What do we do now?”

“That’s up to you. We can call it a night and get some sleep or we can see if that long cock of yours is up for more.”

“Can I tell you what I really want to do and you won’t think it is weird?”

I just nodded and kissed him on the cheek. What could be weirder than fucking a stranger while my husband fucks his wife?

“I really want to eat your pussy and lick you clean. I’ve always wanted to try that and I always thought my wife would judge me.”

“Darling, you can eat me any way you want,” I responded.

I spread my legs, giving him access to my shaved pussy. The idea of David eating his own cum out of me was turning me on. He put his face between my legs and started licking my freshly fucked pussy.

My pussy was on fire as he lapped up his semen. I could feel another orgasm building with David’s face buried between my thighs.

“Oh fuck, keep going. Keep going! I’m going to cum!” I exclaimed.

With that, my body shook as I pulled his head into my folds and I came all over his face. As he knelt before me, I could see my juices dripping from his chin and a small hint of semen left in the corner of his mouth.

Looking between his legs, I could see his cock was already standing at attention. I smiled and lewdly used my fingers to spread my folds, exposing my pleasure hole.

“Now fuck me like a dirty slut,” I said, surprising even myself at the dirty words coming out of my mouth.

I had never talked dirty during sex with my husband but now, it just felt natural. I liked it. And David seemed to like it too because in just two seconds he was buried to the hilt in my pussy and started pounding me hard.

“That’s it! That’s it! Fuck my dirty cunt.”

David’s cock was like a piston going in and out with force. I couldn’t believe it but I was about to have another orgasm. I shook as the third orgasm of the night hit me, but David kept fucking me.

It took ages for him to cum and I had two more orgasms before with one loud groan, David shot another load deep inside of me. We both collapsed on the bed, exhausted, falling asleep in each other’s arms.

I woke up to an obnoxious beeping next to the bed and through foggy eyes, I realized it was the alarm I set.

“Oh, fuck, it’s late.”

I had been hoping to wake up and fuck David one more time before he had to leave but there was no time now. He was going to have to quickly get dressed and head back to his wife at the time we had all agreed.

After David left, I crawled back into the bed, still naked, and fell back asleep.

I was awakened by Kevin who gently slid into bed next to me and put his arms around me, cupping my breasts.

“Did you have a good time, honey?” he asked.

“Yes! Yes, I did. Did you and Janice have fun?”

“Yeah, it was alright,” Kevin said.

“Alright? Just alright? What happened?” I asked, pushing my ass against him.

“She was a little too aggressive. She kept telling me what to do and comparing my cock to her husband’s. We fucked but I just don’t know about her.”

“I’m sorry your swapping hasn’t lived up to your expectations, honey. We can stop if you want,” I responded, hoping he wouldn’t agree.

My husband had opened my eyes to enjoying sex with others and I didn’t want to stop.

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