Long Craft Spotted Over North West Alabama

Date: August 8, 2005 Location: Florence, Alabama, United States

Sighting Time: 9:25 PM Nighttime, Duration: 2 minutes

Number of Witnesses: 5 Urban or Rural: Rural One object, Size : 200' — 300' Distance to Object(s): overhead (approximately 1200') Shape of Object(s): Long Triangular Rectangle shape Color of Object(s): Red with Soft white glow

Full Description & Details: Tonight I witnessed a UFO over my home with 4 others. The object posted 8/3/2005 of an object over high — so. cal, United States is almost exactly what we seen about 2 and half hours ago.

The way he describes it fits our sighting, with a few exceptions. The object was moving from East to West very slowly. At first we thought it was 2 planes flying one in front of the other, but as it approched we noticed it had no wings.

We then thought it was a blimp, until it was just north of us and noticed it’s size. Although we couldn’t see an exact outline we knew it was very long as we watched the stars disappear from the sky as it passed between the lights. The craft we estimate to be as long as an aircraft carrier and was making no noise except for a very low hum.

From the time we first seen it we watched it for about 2 minutes before slowly gliding out of sight.

It had 2 red lights on the front and two red lights on the back. Between the 2 lights on the back were two large white lights which seemed to have a soft glow to them.

I live in North West Alabama near the Tennessee Stateline. This is not the first time I have seen objects here, just the first time with this many witnesses. I would like a copy of this drawing by Joe Nunnally if possiable.

I will be doing my own drawing along with the others. I will send it to you soon. All the best William Scott.






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