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LogseqTimes 2023–12–02: Logseq 0.10.0, Flashcards Setup, Learning Queries, Logseq Spa (Github and CLI), Calendar and Task Management, Plugins and Themes and more

Hi Everyone,

Pinch and a punch for the first of the month (for yesterday). Already December, who would have thought it, and already another week has gone by since the last LogseqTimes publication.

Let’s see what this week had in store for us.

Logseq Release

Logseq Beta version 0.10.0 was released and it included the following main updates:

You can download the latest desktop and Android app from here.

Logseq Spa 0.3.0

Version 0.3.0 of Logseq publish-spa, a github action and CLI to publish graphs, was released! This release adds an action option for the new accent colors.

See https://github.com/logseq/publish-spa/blob/main/CHANGELOG.md for more.

Logo / Updates

OP asks:

Is there a timeline for the new logo release? 1 month? 3? 6? 12?I am creating a free course for Logseq that covers the 80:20 essentials and I would like it to look fresh (so not using a logo that’s going to be outdated super soon

I think the response from Luhmann summarised things perfectly:

There is no official statement from the team on this, but it seems likely that the logo will only be revealed when they launch version 1 of Logseq along with the new “pro” version of the app which will be a paid product. And this won’t happen at the very least until after they’ve finished the new database version of the app which still isn’t even in beta. So I suspect that it will be some time. Somewhere between 3 and 12 months would be my guess.

Obviously the above is just speculation, so it would be nice if the Logseq team came out with something to pronounce their position / expectations.

Introduction to Logseq Calendar & Task Management & Daily Planner Plugin Agenda3

Logseq vs Obsidian

MKS Guide provides us with a comparison of Logseq vs Obsidian and the different features and functionality of both. Worth the read if you are in 2 minds:

Database Version

The phrase on everyone’s lips is when will the Database DB version be available — there is nothing concrete yet, but rest assured that work is being done on it. If you want to keep track, you can check things out here:

Flashcards / SRS with Logseq

Midrar shows us 6 Simple Steps To Create Flashcards Using Logseq In Less Than 10 Minutes (Ft. ChatGPT) that include:

  1. Read/Learn Something
  2. Identify Key Information
  3. Leverage ChatGPT
  4. Review
  5. Create Flashcards

Great thread, thank you.

Learn to Construct Queries

Blogbourri, the master when it comes to helping users out with queries, shares how they started off:

Basic queries I just use the built-in query builder. For advanced queries I use the Logseq query builder website: https://adxsoft.github.io/logseqadvancedquerybuilder/ and siferiax’s website: https://siferiax.github.io/ and then just hella trial and error and searching on the discord.

When in doubt, if you can find an already working query that’s close to what you want to do, then modifying that is going to be easier than trying to build it from scratch

Request — import from Evernote

OP posts a great idea,

As you are probably aware, Evernote is severely locking down their free version. I have thousands of notes and I would love to do it in some way other than cut and paste. Since Evernote is more or less block based, cut and paste works very nicely for a few things. But given my volume of work, it would be impossible to manage this.

Plus, having such a tool could be a marketing bonanza for you. I know that there are alot of upset Evernote users that would love to have another note-taking option if they can get their data over. Thanks!

Unfortunately, I think other apps jumped on the bandwagon before Logseq (given the page vs block structure of Evernote and Logseq, other apps can implement import functions quicker), but this would be a great idea.

Logseq Plugins

  • logseq-copy-urlThe logseq-copy-url is a simple plugin that enhances your Logseq experience by adding a convenient “Copy URL” button next to external links, allowing you to easily copy the URL to your clipboard.
  • Logseq-plugin-shallow-copyThe Block Shallow Copy plugin empowers users with a seamless copying experience, allowing them to duplicate a selected block along with all its child blocks, limited to a depth of one level. This feature proves invaluable when you need to replicate a specific section of content, preserving its hierarchical structure effortlessly.
  • logseq-nostr-syncThis tooltip allows you to send Direct Messages to a specific public key and download them to your journal based on the creation date.
  • File Linker updatePDF links are supported now.
  • Full House Templates v3.3.0 released — Support new radix color in UI (for Logseq v0.10.0)
  • BuJo Theme v1.1.0 released — Audio controls design, Adapted to Logseq v0.10.0, Align youtube timestamp icon, Integrated with plugins (Media Timestamp, Bullet Threading, Tabbed Sidebar)
  • Logseq Flow Nord Themev0.10.0 released Including the following changes: code cleanup, improve button style in settings (required Logseq 0.10.0), improve README
  • Long Formv1.2.0 New features: Manual grouping and grouping indicators, Enter on an empty line creates an empty paragraph in groupings.

Until Next Time

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any comments or questions, please let me know.

Thanks again for reading.

Originally published at https://www.logseqtimes.com on December 2, 2023.

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