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Lights, lights, and more lights!

Recaps are just as festive as day-to-day posts right?

So how do you celebrate Christmas for 25 days straight?

It’s all about the small stuff and making memories. Some days we do big events like seeing the Trans Siberian Orchestra or Christmastown at Busch Gardens. Then other days we do smaller things like decorate the tree, or re-watch some of our favorite holiday movies and tv shows.

So when we get caught in the groove of celebrating 25 days of Christmas, it can be a bit hard to recap each day. So yeah, this will be a massive recap post of our adventures over the last 8 days.

Note to self: I teach my clients all the time about changing their expectations of themselves based on what they are performing task wise on a daily basis. I teach to re evaluate those expectations and adjust. So I’m going to practice what I teach and adjust my update goals from updating every day to doing a weekly recap. (pats self on back)

Buckle up. Lots of Christmas cheer and photos below 👇

Day 5 — New Lights 🦉

You can never have too many lights! Tonight we added a new owl to our growing collection. Isn’t he adorable?

Day 6 — The Wendhurst House 🎄

The Wendhurst House is famous for its lights. No really, they won The Great Christmas Light Fight on ABC. We were there at the taping. Al does such an amazing job every year and this year he out did himself again.

Image Credit: Author

One of my favorite decorations is a bow on the gate that he made just for me. I met Al when I was in a wheelchair and he wanted to hear more about my story. The next year we came to look at the lights and he had added a blue ribbon with my name on it to his memorial arch to support anyone fighting AVN, the rare disease that destroyed both my hips. Years later, when we lost our friend Debs to cancer, he put a ribbon with her name in balloon dog green. Debs was an extremely talented balloon artist.

Image Credit: Author

Day 7 — Adventures in Williamsburg ⛄

My husband got tickets for me to see Derek Hough with his wife Haley performing at Virginia Beach. So we both worked a half day and then headed out on the 2 hour drive to the beach.

At about 45 mins into the journey, I pulled up my Instagram and found out the devastating news that Haley had a medical emergency and they canceled the show.

I LOVED watching her Dancing With the Stars journey and have been a fan from all the way back when she was on SYTYCD. So I was deeply saddened to hear that she suffered a brain bleed and had to have emergency brain surgery. My heart hurts for her and Derek and the tough journey they have ahead of them.

Since we were in the Williamsburg area my husband did his best to cheer me up and we enjoyed a nice dinner and hit up a HUGE Christmas store. We got many things to add to our indoor collection of decorations.

Image Credit: Author

Day 8 — A Rountrey Christmas 🕸️

Last year we stumbled on a beautiful Richmond neighborhood called Rountrey. They do Christmas lights in a massive way! It’s a really fun neighborhood to drive around and ooh and ahhh over the decorations.

I love how this house uses their Halloween lights and switches the theme to Christmas. There is a distinct web pattern.

Image Credit: Author

Day 9 — The Neighborhood Gazebo Christmas Party 🥳

David and I were so proud of our Christmas display this year. My favorite decoration is our giant snowman head on the roof.

Tonight we celebrated with our neighborhood Christmas party at the Gazebo. We enjoyed cookies, hot chocolate and lots of catching up. Also, we won 3rd place in the light decorating contest. I can’t wait to add more to our display next year!

Day 10 — Merry Swiftmas 🎤

So admission time, I’m a HUGE Swiftie. So I was beyond excited to see a fellow Swiftie decorate their house with Taylor Swift festive decorations. This was a great pick for our tacky light house of the night!

Image Credit: Author

Day 11 — The Great Christmas Light Fight 👀

Some nights when it's rainy and cold outside, it's nice to watch some Christmas lights from the couch. One show we love is called “The Great Christmas Light Fight”. So tonight we cuddled up on the couch and watched the lights.

Image Credit: ABC

Day 12 — Phifer House and Teddy Bear Hugs 🐻

This brings us to tonights big event. We enjoyed dinner with a friend and I got hugged by a giant adorable teddy bear.

Image Credit: Author

Then we headed over to another “The Great Christmas Light Fight” winning house, The Phifer House. This is their 49th year of decorating the house for Christmas. Our favorite feature of this one are the tall trees. They really stand out!

Image Credit: Author

Whew, that was a lot of lights. I hope you all are enjoying celebrating with us.

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