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Lessons from a travelling businesswoman

Like mother, like daughter

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I come from a long line of fiercely independent women. Women who lived life their way, in whichever generation they were born in, and whichever culture they were raised in.

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My mum started her career at the tender age of 18. Being accepted into nursing school, and starting a lifelong passion and career of helping others. She’s a very caring person. She’s also pretty adventurous.

Growing up, it was my mother who was constantly travelling around to different cities for work. What’s called mobile clinics? She’s done this in numerous countries too. I was always proud of this fact, growing up. That it was my mother who was travelling around. She’d regale us with tales of each city she went to, and would always call in the evening to say hi, ask about our day, and to say goodnight.

Part of my company now, involves me working on my side hustle (yes I use this word and yes I love it. If you don’t — that’s ok I still like you), which is as a part-time Zumba instructor.

I love everything about running my own company. Every decision is mine. Every failed attempt — I have to deal with. But every win…is also, all mine.

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So it is with Zumba. I currently travel around to different centres, in my city, teaching Zumba. And I LOVE it! Each centre is found in a different ‘village’ of my city. Literally a place that used to be an old township or village a hundred years ago, that amalgamated into the city I now live in. Each centre has so much history behind it. I love the variety of the villages within my own city, and their varied histories. From the names to the neighbourhoods.

It definitely makes me feel like this is what my mum must have felt, travelling around for her work.

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So lessons from a travelling businesswoman:

  1. Go after what you love.
  2. Live the life you want to live.
  3. The only person who defines who you are, and where you are headed, is you.

Happy thriving.

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