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Leaping Lemurs: Taking Advantage of February’s Extra Day

Getting a jump on Spring

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My mind was leaping ahead, thinking about the upcoming week. I noticed the extra day and hit on the idea of using it to get a jump on the next four years. Vaulting into spring with a head start and a light heart made my heart skip a beat.

But what to do? I’m sure many of you idea generators don’t need much prompting to come up with a fun activity. But, just in case, I’ve thought of a few:

  • Create a time capsule. Since February 29 only rolls around once every four years, preserve the moment by putting together a time capsule that could be dug up next year and see how our predictions measured up.
  • Meet up with far-away loved ones. With four years to plan, it could be well thought out and plenty of time for preparations.
  • Play Leap Frog.
  • Write, draw, or photograph things leaping.
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  • Do something completely new.
  • Make plans and set goals for 2028.
  • Host a leap day party.
  • Pretend you are aboard a ship and ring a bell every four hours to signal the change of the watches.
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  • Learn more about leap year and why we have one.
  • Propose to your beloved. The idea of making this a day for gender-bending, reversing the usual roles, and letting the women take the lead here is the idea.
  • Toast to 2024’s extra day with a special cocktail or mocktail made in honor of the occasion. Give your new favorite drink a new name — leaping lizard liquid lunch? Save the recipe and serve it in 2028.
  • Do things in sets of four all day. Have four meals instead of three, call four friends, sing songs in 4/4 time, read four books, or watch four movies.
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  • Make plans to attend the summer or winter Olympics.
  • Have discussions about who to vote for in the Presidential election. (No fighting)
  • Go on a double date with friends — form a tetrad!
  • Play music or listen to a quartet.
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I'm going to leap into action — any minute now. I can feel it.

Let me know what you come up with and how it works out!

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