Jonathan Majors and the dangers of interracial relationships

I get the feeling and perhaps it is valid that only people who are involved in an interracial union has the right to discuss them. Anyone else will promptly have their view discounted and maligned. Still and all, these relationships must be discussed because they are truly a reflection of much more than two people who happen to be romantically and sexually involved with each other. Interracial relationships are a bigger thing than you may think. Especially in a land as racially focused and entrenched like the United States.

A cultural secret I will reveal because it gives so nuance to this whole story is that many ,if not most Black people have been warned about having relationships with white people. Both Black males and Black females have been provided through their families lessons with which to view these relationships with white people. So much of the warnings come from a place of protection. A relationship with a white person when you are Black is dangerous in so many ways.

We do not live in a color blind or racially equal society. All white people both men and women hold a superior power position in relation to Black people in society. White people are much more protected and have much more avenues with which to abuse and cause harm to Black people. They do it every single day as they have for the last five centuries. Harming Black people is a sport and a passion for many white people. It is all they know. Whole towns and neighborhoods like Rosewood , Florida and the Greenwood section of Tulsa , Ok were destroyed because of allegations of sexual impropriety on the part of Black men and boys towards white girls and women. Emmett Till and George Stinney were two young Black teen boys who lost their lives because of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and accused of “harming” white girls and women. Countless other Black males lost their lives because of the same allegation or reality of dealing with white women. It is then and it is now that it is dangerous for a Black boy or man to have any interaction with a white woman. It can and will be misconstrued into anything.

White women are often spared when the topic of racial violence comes up as aggressors. White men take the brunt of this as they should but white women have been more than active agents of white supremacy. In many respects, white women’s racism and aggression has been even more violent towards Black people because of the promotion of the white woman as docile and pure. It is why the phenomenon of Karen and white tears are real. And why Black people constantly call this stuff out. As a white woman , you should realize that your position does and can weld insurmountable levels of power. And as the mothers, wives and daughters of white men who have power, you are just as dangerous and culpable of the crimes committed against Black people and others in the world.

All things considered it makes sense why many if not most Black Americans have a sort of shrug of shoulder when our own experiences issues with a white person whom they are in a relationship with. You have been warned, you have countless examples and yet and still you chose to fuck around and find out.

I will add the requisite disclaimer that you will bring up and insist upon presenting. I am certain there are tons of happily existing interracial couples who have beautiful rainbow families, who seek to unlearn their privilege and advocate for their colored spouse and children. You will bring up all the incredible biracial people who exist and how they wouldn’t if x y or z. And then you’ll bring up it being 2023 and being outraged such stuff still exist. I hear you.

But the fact remains especially when one partner is Black and one is white, this is not an equally yoked relationship. One partner can be shot and killed for the same thing you will be let off with a warning. One partner can go to any town, neighborhood or country unbothered, the other partner can not. One partner can go to any high end retail shop and be helped, the other can and will be followed as they walk around. One partner will be a priority if they go missing and the other would not be. One partner can have a record and no diploma or degree and be hired. The other could have more than one degree and be denied a job. One partner has a whole police force and justice system on their side, the other has those same forces dedicated to their eradication. You take a guess as to who is who.

I won’t get into the specifics of Mr. Major’s case. And I do believe abusive partners should suffer consequences. We don’t and will never know all the nuances of Mr. Major’s relationship. But I do want to address the cognitive dissonance of Black men who know all this history, who knows all the risks and all the people rooting for their downfall who continue to throw all that logic and history out the window when it comes to their white partners. Let us not forget that infamous case of that football player, white truck and crime that almost started a civil war. These relationships have so many different variables at present. And the sad reality is that you could potentially be in the right as a Black man but her whiteness and being a female will have you locked up with the quickness. That is her system at the end of the day . It is not yours.

When you are a public figure, when you have money and a status, you have to protect yourself. You can’t do whatever you want. They have chains on you. You must conduct yourself in a certain manner and never forget you are Black in America. You are Black in America. That means so much more than you may even understand at times. It shouldn’t be that way but this is the world we live in.

Finally, in Black media spaces much fun has been poked at Majors’ relationship with actress Megan Good. To many of us , it looks like pandering. A Black man who previously did not have public relationships with Black women coming out after he deals with an abuse case with a white woman. We couldn’t understand the why’s on the part of Ms. Good to be attached to someone like Majors going through a career ending situation. It just did not look right and screamed p.r. vibes. I will just say , be with a woman because you want to be with her. But don’t use or manipulate an image to keep the support or regain the support of Black women. We are hip to the shenanigans of pandering and we don’t want to play this game of being fall back women no more.

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