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Jeffrey Epstein; …. Trojan Horse? (I’m Going To Want Reader’s Input On This)

Straight out of the gate, I gotsta’ say, this is not an original idea of mine. It was proffered by Eric Weinstein, on a Podcast with Chris Williamson. If you’re not acquainted with either of these Men, you are much the poorer for it.

Eric Weinstein graduated from Harvard with a Ph.D. in mathematical physics. He wrote his Ph.D. thesis on his own with no advisor, something unheard of. He managed a hedge fund for Peter Thiel for a decade or so, had something to do with founding The Intellectual Dark Web, was a Podcast host until recently, and has held research positions at Harvard, Oxford, MIT, and the Hebrew University Of Jerusalem.

The Man is a Unicorn in the annals of Academia. He is remarkably self-effacing, given his achievements and bona fides. On a recent Lex Fridman Podcast, he wondered aloud to Lex why he bothered to tune in to his Podcast and seemed genuinely confused. A true breath of fresh air, he is the Polar Opposite of the Dunning-Krueger equation from a certain former president, currently under indictment.

Chris Williamson is a former club/party promoter from England. If you opened a club and wanted a thousand people to be there, Chris was your man. He also did some modeling along the way and appeared on a British “Reality” show entitled Love Island. (Think Big Brother with sand in places you don’t want it).

He became fed up with the vacuousness of his life, and could be found in his car during the Raves he put together Googling “String Theory” and other matters of intellectual pursuit. He gave up his thriving business, started a Podcast from scratch, and is a real up-and-comer. He’s doubling and tripling his audience on the regular. He’s good-looking, bright, intellectually inquisitive, JACKED, and killing it in his chosen field.

Other’n that, the two of us could be brothers

On Chris’ Podcast, the conversation meandered its way to Jeffrey Epstein, whom Eric had had dealings with on behalf of Mr. Thiel’s Hedge Fund. Chris enquired of Eric about people on the Epstein Island visitor list who seemed out of place. Stephen Hawking, for one. “And, why do YOU think he’s on the list?” Eric said to Chris, as is his habit. He seems more interested in the thoughts of others, highlighting his humility.

“ I wouldn’t know what Jeffrey Epstein would want with Stephen Hawking,” said Chris, trying to be di[plomatic. Eric then teased out some possibilities, (other than sex with underage girls). This is his genius, getting people to stretch their mental capabilities, instead of just answering questions. On the aforementioned Lex Friedman Podcast, he was chiding him a bit. After Lex answered one of his questions, Eric looked at him and said, “You’re a child.” He obviously has great affection for him.

Back to Epstein. Eric played with some ideas. Epstein had a great interest in physics. Eric was asking open-ended questions around the Why? of it. “Why such a great interest in physics? Why weren’t people interested in the folks behind Epstein?” Which is something no one had brought up before.

People behind Epstein? New territory for Mark Rockford. I’ve only been hearing about the whole Epstein thing tangentially. Some rich guy offering forbidden fruit to other Famous and Wealthy folks; serving as a conduit to explore their darker tastes. I found the whole thing rather disgusting. This put a whole new wrinkle on the situation.

Mr. Weinstein continued on the whys. “Why does no one seem to have done business with such a high-flying financier? NO ONE could he find. Most odd.

He was serving up the idea that Epstein and his “Associates” had a much larger agenda in mind. Something even more sinister.

Namely, Power. He harkened back to a conference Epstein held “around 2004,2006” entitled “Confronting Gravity”. At the conference were a bunch of academic heavy-hitters. Not a celebrity to be found. He and Chris played around with some possible explanations for the outsized interest in physics from a financier.

“If one neutron could engineer a bomb capable of taking out an entire city, what do you think is possible on the other end of the next great discovery?” queried Eric. Again, they bandied about some possibilities.

Unfortunately, (at least as far as I’m concerned) the conversation veered off into other areas from there. I would have LOVED if they’d have gone on further with the Epstein discussion.

Here’s my take, based on where I think Mr. Weinstein was heading.

Jeffrey Epstein and his associates were planning on coming up with some amazing new technology to do …. WHAT? (I dunno).

Probably nothing good for Mankind as a whole.

A device or Technology that would enable the Principals involved with something immensely powerful.

And to pay for it all?

They would record rich, powerful celebrities in compromising situations with underage girls for the purpose of blackmailing them. And THAT would provide them with the necessary funds for whatever the Hell it was they were up to.

I tend to find the vast majority of conspiracy theories, (and theorists) utterly ridiculous. But this is what I came up with.

I’d LOVE to hear other people’s opinions on this. (Truly, I would). Go to YouTube, search: Modern Wisdom Eric Weinstein, and watch the one entitled We Are Losing Control. The Epstein discussion begins almost exactly at the half-hour mark. (You’re going to want to watch the whole thing at some point).

Honestly, it scared the Hell out of me.

Be Good Everyone,

-Mark Rockford Winsor-

P.S. If this is your first time encountering either of these Gentlemen, You’re Welcome. We can discuss my compensation later ;)

{Author’s note} It’s about 4 hours after I posted this…. Something was nagging at me.I checked, and I was right; I was wrong,. I apparently used the word Proffered incorrectly. . I used it in the context of offering up.. Apparently it means counter offer or counter proposal. I like the way it sounds though, so I ain’t changin’ it.

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