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Jeannie and David, friends with benefits!

Photo by Dainis Graveris: https://www.pexels.com/photo/close-up-shot-of-a-topless-couple-kissing-3848322/


When a friend calls out for help, you just have to answer. Even if it means your desires are reignited and she’s a married woman.


Jeannie arrived! I was like a cat on a hot tub roof. My hormones were playing a symphony with my body. She looked both vulnerable and totally gorgeous. I had to give her a big hug, I just couldn’t resist! But as I was drinking in her perfume I realised the blood was flowing south fast so I broke the hug and grabbed her luggage. I lugged her pair of heavy suitcases up the stairs to my apartment and left them in the spare room, her room, then I left her to get sorted.

“Come down when you’re ready. If you’re not too tired that is. We probably need to talk.” She nodded her agreement and I left her in peace. Thirty minutes later I checked to see how she was getting on. She was stretched out on the bed, sound asleep. I covered her with the quilt and closed the door behind me. Poor Jeannie, she was obviously exhausted.


What can I say? David was the perfect gentleman. He gave me a big hug when I got out of the Uber, a long hug, very tight. So tight I imagined that I could feel his cock pressing into me. I think he must have been rather excited to see me! He backed off very quickly when I think he realised and grabbed my bags. His apartment was amazing, with high ceilings, a wall of glass and beautifully furnished. I felt safe, I felt very tired. The last thing I remember is lying down on the bed.

It was light when I woke up. I looked around the room, I realised where I was. I saw that the door had been closed and I was covered with a quilt and still fully clothed. David must have covered me up. I could hear music playing somewhere, presumably, he was up already. I found my wash bag and after dragging a brush through my hair and cleaning my teeth I opened the bedroom door and headed to where the sound was coming from. David was sitting at the breakfast bar, he was drinking a cup of coffee and checking his phone. He was wearing checked pyjama bottoms and a dark grey dressing gown, it was draped across his body, allowing me to view his toned physique. His face lit up as he saw me. He really did have such a beautiful smile.

“Good morning sleepyhead. Coffee? Tea?”

“Either,” I said absentmindedly, what I wanted was, well him maybe. He was so unlike my husband. Cool, calm, confidence oozing from every pore and sexy as hell! I shook my head to clear my thoughts.


Jeannie looked amazing. Who would have thought that someone who was going through the emotional upheaval she was, and after having slept fully clothed last night could look so goddam sexy? I realised that I was half naked and with my cock stirring I pulled my dressing gown closed to maintain a sense of decorum, even though my brain was telling me to rip her clothes off and have her right there, on the kitchen units.

I poured her a coffee and set it down in front of her. Her fingers brushed against mine as she picked it up. I felt a jolt of electricity. Just static I told myself but hoping it was something much more exciting. She looked at me intensely over the rim of the cup, her eyes were such a deep blue and they sparkled as she drank.

“So,” I said tentatively. “Tell me. What’s been going on?” Her eyes momentarily lost their sparkle. She climbed onto the stool beside me and rested her forearms on the counter. Then the tears began to flow. Apparently, she’d caught him shagging some young girl from his office. The messages on his phone gave him away and when she followed him to a seedy motel the truth was clear. They had a terrible fight when she confronted him. He blamed her for everything.

“What a bastard!” I pulled her to me and hugged her tightly until she stopped sobbing. God, she smelt wonderful, even though I knew she hadn’t showered yet. She felt just right against my body. I was sad when she pulled back. She sat there studying me intently. Then she leaned forward and kissed me briefly.

“Sorry! I shouldn’t have done that!” She sat back her hands gripped tightly together in her lap. I reached out and took them in mine.

“I’m glad you did. I’ve wanted you to do that ever since you got here. Well, since I first met you.”

“Really?” Again those blue eyes searched my face. “Do you mean it or are you just being nice?” I laughed and made a determined effort to hide my rapidly hardening cock. She spotted my discomfort.


Fuck! I kissed him! I didn’t mean to, or did I? I was confused. Or was I? I’d felt that electric shock when our fingers touched and when our lips met my pussy twitched. I’ll bet my panties are damp now. And it felt so good when he was hugging me, even if we were still sitting on separate stools.

I studied him intently, his face was a mixture of emotions. I saw concern for me. I saw confusion too, but at the same time, I saw lust. Pure unadulterated lust. I decided to kiss him again. But this time I hopped down from the stool and pushing his legs apart, I hugged him again. This time I tipped my face up to meet his and our lips met again. This time it wasn’t brief. We kissed tenderly for a long time. His tongue and mine played catch until I broke us apart. My pulse was racing and I was breathing heavily. I knew I was aroused, and from the bulge I felt pressing against my tummy I knew he was too.

“David, take me to bed, please. I want to feel you inside me.” I knew that’s what I needed. I needed to be loved, to be cherished and to cum. Oh, I needed to cum so badly!


When she kissed me I couldn’t help it, my cock got rock hard almost instantly. I couldn’t hide how I was feeling anymore. And then she asked me to take her to bed. While part of me was still worried that this might be a revenge fuck and something she might regret later I couldn’t refuse her.

I dragged her along the corridor to my bedroom, thankfully that I’d only changed the sheets yesterday. Once inside she was on me like an animal.

“Oh fuck David, you don’t know how bad I need this.” She tore her outer clothes off and stood before me in delicate matching lace bra and panties. My cock was tenting my pyjamas so I shrugged them down and kicked them away. My dressing gown followed suit, leaving my throbbing shaft pointing towards her.

“You’ve got a lovely cock, David.” She unclipped her bra and released her full breasts. Her nipples were already hard and puckered. I stepped closer and cupped them gently. She pulled me in for another kiss and moaned into my mouth as I tweaked her nipples. I let a hand slide down her side and then under the flimsy material of her panties. Her skin was smooth, totally hairless, her mound was warm and when I slid my fingers between her thighs I realised just how turned on she was.

“Fuck me, David, now!” I pushed her back on the bed and tugged her panties down. She opened her legs wide and parted her labia with her fingers. I climbed between her long slender legs and gripping my shaft in one hand I rubbed it up and down her shopping slit. She arched her back, tipping her hips and allowing me to press my shaft against her opening. She clawed at my back as I pressed forward, parting her petals and entering her warm welcoming pussy.

“Oh fuck you fit around me perfectly.” It was true. The perfect combination of lubrication and grip. I buried myself balls-deep and then paused to check her face once more.


Oh my god! He’s balls deep in me. He’s stretching me much more than my husband ever did. It feels amazing. He paused, clearly wondering if he was doing the right thing. He certainly was! I grabbed his ass and firmly told him what I wanted.

“Fuck me good David. Next time we can make love but right now I need you to take me hard. I want to feel you pressing against my cervix, I want to cum on your gorgeous cock. I want you to cum in me. Do not pull out. I want to feel your cream leaking from my pussy.”

He did exactly as I desired. The rhythm he fucked me was perfect. Three times he took me higher and higher, building the pressure in my body until I couldn’t take any more and my world shattered into a thousand pieces. I kissed him urgently, I scratched his back with my nails, and I screamed his name. His name, not my husband’s, his name, each time I came. My body was on fire, I was gasping for breath yet demanding more from him.

“Harder, David. Fuck me harder!” Bless him I could feel how much effort he was putting into satisfying me. He was sweating profusely, and where our bodies met the combination of our sweat and my juices caused each thrust to make a loud squelching sound. Fuck it was hot!

Finally, I felt him swelling inside me, stretching me even more than I thought possible. He raised himself on his arms and locked eyes with mine. As his cock began to pulse, unloading his precious cream they glazed over before opening again and forming part of the most beautiful smile. He didn’t roar or cry out, he just seemed to relax into it. I felt his cock pulse several times before he collapsed onto me. I hugged him tight, keeping his still partially hard cock safe inside me. We lay there for ages before he rolled onto his back. Immediately I felt his cream oozing from my pussy. I used my fingers to scoop some up and as he watched in amazement I licked his cream from them. I smiled to show him I liked the taste. It was the perfect finish. It felt right.

It felt right lying in his arms, skin to skin. As my body’s sensations returned more to normal I leaned over and kissed him.

“Thank you, David. That was incredible. That was exactly what I needed. And, hey, don’t worry! I don’t regret it for a minute. In fact, can we do it all again? Please?”

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