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The text reflects on the personal struggle of perseverance versus surrender in the face of adversity, using the metaphor of a jacket to symbolize protection and resilience.


The article uses poetic language to explore the theme of resilience in challenging times. It suggests that while external pressures may be overwhelming, and false guidance may be misleading, one must maintain their position and continue striving despite doubts and fears. The jacket symbolizes the protective layer that helps one endure the coldness of the world. The narrative encourages the reader to keep going, despite the temptation to give up and conform to societal expectations. It poses reflective questions about the consequences of slowing down or changing course, ultimately leaving the reader to decide whether to persist in their endeavors or to abandon them.


  • The author implies that societal pressures and false prophets can lead one astray, emphasizing the importance of personal conviction.
  • There is a sense of fatigue and the desire for respite in the face of relentless challenges, as suggested by the lines about the cold and the old hat.
  • The text suggests that maintaining one's position and continuing to pursue one's goals is a virtue, despite the allure of giving up.
  • The metaphor of the jacket serves to illustrate the idea that personal strength and resilience can provide warmth and safety in a harsh world.
  • The author acknowledges the difficulty of persistence but seems to advocate for it, questioning the value of surrendering to life's pressures.
  • The poem reflects on the internal conflict between the drive to continue and the temptation to abandon one's path, leaving the decision ultimately to the individual's discretion.


Photo by Karthik B K on Unsplash

Running a racket Making a packet Sure that you’ll crack it If you’ve got your jacket.

Outside it’s too cold| You’re lost and exposed This hat’s getting old What were you told?

Why should you listen When false prophets Christen And green daggers glisten Maintain your positoin.

Keep on keeping on Until the fear is all gone Behind in the throng Or decide you are wrong.

Decide it’s okay To give up and pray Let the world have it’s way Let them say what they say.

What if you slow down What if you turn around Give up what you found Dive in and drown?

Or just keep going at it Becuase you think you lack it Be contained in this bracket Or get up and attack it.

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