It Just Keeps Coming: China Paid Trump Biz $5.5 Million During His Term

And no, God did not send Trump

Photo by Michael Kroul on Unsplash

There is something seriously screwy going on in America, which would be funny if it were not so scary. A large chunk of the voting public believes things that no sane person with an ounce of logic would buy into.

We have screwball Republicans in the House of Representatives, led by Rep James Comer, telling us that Joe Biden made millions from the Chinese. Comer has exactly zero evidence for this claim, meanwhile it turns out Donald Trump’s businesses took in $5.5 million, during his presidency, from Chinese business interests.

There are receipts that come directly from Mazar’s, the Trump Organization’s accounting firm, proving the transactions, which btw, are a violation of the US Constitution. When Republicans took power in the House in January 2023 the same Rep Comer canceled investigations into Trump’s acceptance of money from foreign interests.

Now, after going through the courts, Trump’s business records are public and we know the truth. Not my truth, not the Democrat’s truth, the actual truth. But here’s the thing.

This guy can be proven to be what he has always been, a shyster, and so-called conservatives either love it or ignore it. Conservatives used to be proponents of ‘family values’ and ‘morals’ but that seems to have been forgotten.

This year begins with Trump openly testing the waters to see how much he can actually get away with, and it’s a lot. He recently released a three minute video ad claiming he was sent by God to fix things up down here. He has also vowed to tear up the Constitution, pardon the insurrectionists, put immigrants in camps, and…I’ll stop now because it is, frankly, insane.

So, my real question is what happened that so many people are willing to ignore or even celebrate his lies, his likely treason, his scams, and his insults? Mass hypnosis maybe?

Or do these Americans really hate our system so much that they will trade it for a petty dictatorship led by that guy?

We are getting these stories every day now, backed by facts, and working their way towards juries of ordinary Americans who presumably believe in the rule of law, that keeps us from descending into chaos. And when they convict him of serious crimes will he still have this blind support?

Or when he loses the election again will half the country fail to accept the results? Right now one third of Republicans claim he won in 2020 but can offer up no evidence, after endless investigations and court rulings.

Evidence is apparently no longer meaningful to a bunch of us.

What happened to the ideal of being an upstanding American citizen, once the gold standard of reputation in this country. Now a lot of us worship a man who is the opposite of that standard and who doesn’t give a damn about them.

You know, the vermin, his term for anyone who questions anything he says or does, including hundreds of former supporters. Vermin.

We’re not even close to done on the potential additional crimes he can be accused of, including the large sums of foreign money that flowed into his businesses while he was in office. More indictments will come because prosecutors’ jobs are to prosecute the law, plain and simple.

He has already announced that if elected he will change their job into prosecuting his vengeance against anyone who has ever criticized him, however legitimately. A police state in other words.

And his party, moving in lockstep, are behind this plan, even as he will certainly use it against them.

We are facing serious issues, including global climate change and the potential for a regional war in the Middle East that would throw the planet into an economic Depression. Our government faces bankruptcy because Trump’s lackeys in the House will not pass a budget that makes sense.

Many of them want the government to fail but don’t seem to have a plan for what happens after that. We never hear what the alternative is. With no functioning federal government we will descend into fifty states operating as individual countries, while connecting infrastructure like roads, transportation systems, the economy, and our national defense fall to pieces.

Is that the plan? All for that guy? Really?

Yes, really, that’s exactly where we are headed unless our fellow Americans wake up and realize what is going on.

But maybe that is too much to expect in 2024. I guess we’ll see.

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