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Israel’s Slaughter of Aid Workers Is Yet Another Confirmation of Its Extreme Barbarity and Western Moral Bankruptcy.

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Another day and yet another round of slaughter in Gaza.

This time, it was aid workers who were caught in the cross-fire of Israel’s genocidal campaign.

And the victims actually were from countries which have supported the aggressor in every way imaginable.

World central kitchen were going to do their bit in feeding the people who have been displaced by the genocide in Gaza and they weren’t politically affiliated to Hamas or any other terrorist organization.

They took great care in marking their vehicles in order to ensure that they didn’t come into harm’s way and they also sought approval from the IDF, before venturing into war territory.

But all that didn’t matter.

The IDF knew what they were doing and their vehicle was struck and all of the passengers were killed.

There was a Brit, Canadian and Australian among the dead and yet there’s been no outrage from the mainstream media in the United Kingdom.

Ditto in the United States.

What we have seen is the heavy use of passive language to hide the full extent of what Israel has done.

And this episode isn’t any different from the past crimes and atrocities which were committed by the Israeli government.

Since the start of the genocide in Gaza, we have seen journalists, doctors, nurses, aid workers being killed in large numbers, without the slightest shred of accountability.

To the Israeli government and its allies in the west, these dead essential workers are collateral damage.

We all know that this isn’t the first time that the IDF has deliberately targeted an NGO vehicle. In 2006, it was a red cross truck which was struck in Lebanon, killing everyone inside.

And yesterday, it was World Central Kitchen.

This culture of impunity is compounded by the refusal of the permanent members of the UN security council to unanimously call for a ceasefire, which has more or less given Israel a carte blanche to act as it pleases.

And we must ask, what will it take for a lasting ceasefire to take place in Gaza?

Reprisal attacks from ISIS or Iran? Two million dead Palestinians? Or China and Russia backed military intervention?

Or worst of all, world war 3?

These questions are being posed because Israel and its western allies have sacrificed the lives of millions at the altar of extreme avarice and greed.

The genocide which we are currently witnessing isn’t about destroying Hamas, but about ensuring that Palestinians are wiped off the face of the planet, while helping themselves to the land.

And this is why more and more aid groups will keep getting killed by the Israeli government.

Given the current state of the world, it is fair to say that a complete destruction of the existing order will save us.

What are your thoughts?

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