In the Internet age, the nazification of culture seems to be more convenient?

In the Internet era, social platforms and self-media platforms are highly monopolized!

It seems to be more convenient to let people only read some specific content and not let people read other specific content.

Looking back at the state of Germany before World War II, I feel that the challenges facing the world and human stupidity and madness remain the same. After being elected chancellor in 1931, Hitler began to build a “new Third Reich.”

▲Hitler inspected the army

On the evening of May 10, 1933, in the square opposite the University of Berlin, students held torches and burned approximately 20,000 books by world-famous writers to ashes, including German writers Thomas Mann, Stefan Zweig, Einstein and Einstein. Einstein, etc., and also covers the works of many foreign writers such as Jack London, Gide, and Proust.

In the words of a student manifesto, any book that “has a destructive effect on our future or strikes at the very foundations of German thought, the German family and the action of our people” must be burned.

Propaganda Minister Goebbels said: “The soul of the German people can express itself again. In this fire, not only an old era ends; this fire also illuminates a new era.”

What illuminated the Nazi era of German culture was not only the flames of book burning, but also severe book censorship.

▲In 1937, a Nazi rally was held in the Cathedral of Light. The Cathedral of Light was composed of 130 anti-aircraft searchlights spaced 12 meters apart. The beams shot into the night sky like 130 pillars holding up the sky. The crowd will look particularly small when exposed to it, thus highlighting the glory and greatness of the Third Reich and making people surrender to authority from the bottom of their hearts.

Every morning, editors of Berlin daily newspapers and reporters from other newspapers in Germany gathered in the Propaganda Department, and Goebbels or his assistants told them: what news should be published, what news should be withheld, how to write what news and Come up with a headline and what kind of editorial you need that day.

Radio and film were also required to serve the propaganda of the Nazi regime and “to free the film industry from the sphere of liberal profit-making ideas…so that it could accept the tasks it had to fulfill in a national socialist state.”

The result was that the German people suffered, hearing and seeing only empty and boring radio programs and films along with their newspapers and periodicals.

▲Nazi symbols were everywhere in the Third Reich, permeating every aspect of people’s lives. After living in such an environment for a long time, even people who are disgusted with the Nazis will inevitably be affected and subconsciously become accomplices of the Nazis.

After Rust was appointed Prussian Minister of Science, Art and Education in 1933, he stated that he would “stop the school from becoming an academic institution” overnight.

From primary school to university, curricula are changed and textbooks are rewritten. “Mein Kampf” was regarded as “our infallible guiding star in education.” Teachers who could not see this star were eliminated, and all teachers were required to swear allegiance and obedience to Hitler.

In order to educate German youth, young people aged 6 to 18, both male and female, are recruited into various organizations of the youth league. If their parents do not allow them to participate, they will be sentenced.

After reaching the age of 10, and after passing various tests, they are promoted to the “Youth League” and take the following oath:

Before this bloody flag representing our Führer, I swear to dedicate all my energy and strength to the savior of our country, Adolf Hitler. I am willing and always ready to give my life for him, may God help me.

At the age of 14, boys officially join the youth league until they are 18.

▲Youth education in Nazi Germany

Stupidity and madness come from human nature and are challenges that the world will always face. Anyone who forgets the past is doomed to repeat it.

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