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In Living Color Bi-weekly Recap: January 28 — February 10

Oh for the love of photography

February in Wisconsin through a shattered glass. Photo by author.

What happens when you spend significant time with In Living Color?

Perhaps, like me, you’ll learn about hot air balloon festivals in Switzerland, come armed with a killer dumpling recipe, or spend time in the woods — exploring Walden Pond with dear and fellow Medium writers.

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks here at In Living Color! Every few days I will scale the homepage, in awe of the photography and the variety of stories that unite to represent our small yet bustling publication.

I’ve witnessed themes of architecture, travel, meditation, vehicles, food, and reflection. As folks arrange their photography — representing color, artwork, experiences, and landscape, I can’t help but feel camaraderie and care for one another.

Do you feel it too?

As January’s monthly challenge closed — Revisiting 2023, in photosOCTAVIA EVER AFTER hit the refresh button with the February monthly challenge — Food!

And let’s not forget that we have a few ongoing challenges as well, like the A-Z Challenge and the Selfie Challenge.

Speaking of selfies, I wouldn’t mind more selfie challenge stories — in fact, I’d love it. Whether you’re new to In Living Color or a frequent flyer, show us your selfies!

But I digress. I’m writing a recap. Yes…

So let’s begin, shall we? With our challenge participants.

Ongoing Challenges

The A-Z photostory challenge lives on! Barb Dalton has been keeping us entertained for an entire year now — here’s her “N” submission:

And then Rhonda Carrier continued with her submission for “V.” I was amazed to hear how her granddaughter is taking the world by storm with the masks she makes:

Monthly Challenge

January: Revisiting 2023, in photos

Shawn B. Swinger shares that as Japan lifted pandemic regulations in 2023, he pressed play on travel and shared adventures with his dog Nova:

Janin Lyndovsky submitted the second half of her letter to 2023 in February. If you read the first half (and even if not!) I think you’ll enjoy her narrative:

February: Food!

Mystical Aries shared a recipe that makes dumplings seem doable — even for me:

Then she officially hit the ground running in February with a story on sushi:

And shares her food journeys in both Austria and Greece:

Dining Amidst Majestic Peaks

Feasting on the Ionian Isles

JoAnn Ryan tries cannolis from Boston to Seattle, check it out here:

M. J. Carson documents her relationship with food throughout the years with this next story.

Life is short. Eat.

Akemi Sagawa gives us a tutorial for making miso here:

I, Melissa Rach, follow up with a story about a New Orleans Po’boy shop recommended by Anthony Bourdain:

Joe Guay - Dispatches From the Guay Life! shares his ways of getting back to basics with picnics, food stands, and markets:

Don’t stop there. We have a bit less than three weeks left for the monthly challenge. Keep your food stories coming!

Photostories: January 28-February 10

Travel, architecture, and reflection seemed to resonate with us in January and February.

JoAnn Ryan and Allisonn Church went walking in the woods together, in search of Walden Pond:

Bruce Coulter shares one way to escape the cold January — by visiting the conservatory!

Then we’re off with Bruce on another day trip in Massachusetts — this time to Norman Rockwell’s art studio and museum:

Bell reviewed a balloon festival in Switzerland. After reading this — I had so many questions about flying in a hot air balloon:

Brad Yonaka gives us a viewpoint into ‘Azerbaijani Iran’ — an area of Iran I can honestly say I knew nothing about:

Lauri Novak continues the architecture theme, taking us over to Rotterdam in the Netherlands:

Then continues with explorative photography in London, choosing black and white as the scope:

Christina Daniels shares lessons learned through her photography tour of Venice:

“There is nothing like Venice, in the night”

Boateng Sekyere engages us in an important lesson on the footprints we leave:

Erie Astin keeps the beach theme, taking us on a meditative evening stroll in 2009 in St. Andrew’s, Scotland:

April Stephens made it out with her family one afternoon in Monterey and contemplates more of these outings:

Joe Guay — Dispatches From the Guay Life! gives us ideas for enduring potential winter blues — FLOWERS!

Kenny Minker puts a different spin on winter — having missed the colder weather now that he lives in Peru:

Meanwhile, far away in New Zealand, Anne Bonfert is star-gazing and feeling grateful for all she has:

B.R. Shenoy seems to be on the same contemplative page, sharing a photostory of an afternoon walk:

Julia A. Keirns is back home in Ohio after extensive traveling, appreciating the familiar:

Carol Labuzzetta, MS Natural Resources, MS Nursing takes advantage of travel during the winter months by escaping to the vibrant blues and greens of the U.S. Virgin Islands:

TzeLin Sam is celebrating Chinese New Year, displaying some of the red packets that are shared amongst those who celebrate:

Beth Riungu follows with a short but succinct story regarding military families and her son's upcoming deployment:

Anne Bonfert follows with a testament to her grandmother and the memories made:

Ryan Chin reflects on his travel companions, which happen to be motor vehicles:

And finally! OCTAVIA EVER AFTER finishes with vehicles — but in a figurative sense, reminding us that our mouths and our minds are vehicles too:

With that, we’ve made it to the end of our first bi-weekly recap.

On behalf of the editors of In Living Color — JoAnn Ryan, Allisonn Church, OCTAVIA EVER AFTER and myself— thank you for reading, writing, and sharing your vibrant photography!

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