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A Nature Poem about Climate Change

Photo by Fred Moon on Unsplash

When will the days of winding idleness end?

Spinning in my room, gazing toward the gloom,

out the darkened window and around the bend,

I’m desperate to see the wilderness breathe and bloom.

Sweet earth, our home and only life source,

betrayed by the likes of the ungrateful,

I need to know with what great force,

will the planet snap and become vengeful?

Those who pass don’t seem so down,

a bitter jealousy of their ignorance,

wells up in my throat, as they saunter by wearing invisible crowns,

where on this brown earth did they find such confidence?

Dumb happiness all too visible on their face,

they love the warm winter weather,

and I’ll stay trapped here in this poisoned place,

pretending to have compassion for the hollow human race.

I burn myself with the heat of my chest,

as this abused home is the one we inhabit,

I pretend I’m a bird, burrowing myself deep within a nest,

or desperately flying away from the burning planet.

This month, I’ve been teaching my students about recycling, renewable energy, and the dangers of climate change. My students recently became interested in Greta Thunberg, so I had them write letters to her. They were inspired seeing someone as small as them, having a huge impact on the Earth.

While they were working on their letters, I in turn was inspired. Gazing out my classroom window at the grey January weather I wrote this poem.

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