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If You Master Three of These Habits, You Will Be Ahead of the Majority of People

Successful people are the result of consistent smart decisions over time.

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Do you know what the difference is between you and all the people around you who have achieved something?

It is not their luck, hard work, or someone who sponsored them that helped them get there. Even if they could play an important part in the final result, they could not have achieved anything without one specific action:

The decisions they make that let them there.

The majority of people who improved their lives did it because they made the decision to do something about their past situation. They decide to stop being lazy, they decide to quit a job, or they decide to have new habits to improve.

And those decisions made them someone better.

In my case, every time I feel like I need to improve something in my life, I look for a way to create a habit around that skill that I want to master.

I have realized that there are specific habits that, once I adapted them to my life, have improved me in many aspects. Here, I will let you know what those practices are and how they can help you get ahead of the majority of people.

Working every day towards achieving a side hustle that could potentially earn you six monthly figures.

Many people consider that their full-time job is enough to achieve all their goals. I was one of them, too. My career is one of the best paid worldwide, and I used to have a stable job that paid all my bills and helped me save.

However, when you are an employee, there is not much you can create for yourself. You follow orders and give what you think is best for a company, but not always what you consider best for you.

Having a side hustle is a way to understand people and money and to grow in many different ways.

When I started writing and making content in general, I developed a side of my brain that I thought was lost: the power of creativity. Apart from the money I made from it, I felt more useful to society because I was working for something I believed in and felt happy with.

Also, many people are unaware of how uncertain the future can be when you work for only one company.

I used to have one stable and well-paid job until they decided they didn’t need me anymore three months ago. I haven’t found another job yet, but I’m fine because I can support myself with everything I created.

When you commit to working every day on something for yourself, you can potentially create an empire that will help you never work again.

Make new people to increase your network; new friends can take you to places you never thought possible.

I had the privilege to meet the best friends I could ever desire in high school. We have grown together, cried, laughed, and seen each other mature in every stage of our lives since we were children.

However, we have known each other so well that there’s nothing new they could teach me at this point in my life.

So, even if they are everything I may need on a sentimental level and support, I always find a way to meet new people and hang out with more friends.

New people have taught me new ways to see life.

I learned the advantages of therapy from a new friend. I started exercising professionally thanks to a friend I met online who turned out to be a personal trainer. I have also changed jobs because I made connections at an event.

Focus more on what keeps you winning in life instead of what’s hurting your progress.

When you focus on your failures, you ensure that you don’t make them again and be more careful. However, when you focus on your achievements, you look for ways to continue reaching more goals.

For that reason, even if my failures are the result of doing something wrong, they are not part of my journey.

Focusing on them only limits you from continuing to think about what truly matters, so thinking about them is a waste of time, even if they make you grow in some way.

In my case, thinking about those things that make me grow helps me understand what I should do today. And it happens even in the simplest things in life.

For example, thinking that five years ago I was doing exercises poorly and focusing only on the fact that I should do them better will only make me think about how far I have not been able to go thanks to that failure. However, thinking about how consistent I have been in the gym helps me still have the strength to go.

Your failures are only there to make you change your trip, not to stop you from keeping working.

Learning how to remain calm & patient during times of chaos.

According to Diana Raab, chaos is a state of disorder and massive confusion. When our mind doesn’t work properly, and it’s open to ruin everything:

“Chaos is the opposite of restoration or healing. When in the midst of chaos, we imagine that things can’t get much worse, and we might even think that they’ll never get better.”

We all have moments where things don’t go our way, and although it can be frustrating, the worst thing we can do is lose our composure.

For this reason, a habit that has helped me in practically all aspects of my life is to try to stay calm in those moments. It has helped me see the problems from a better perspective and make decisions rationally that I don’t regret later.

Reading at least 20 minutes per day.

I consider reading to be one of the most powerful habits I have been able to develop. It has helped me understand the point of view of thousands of people, gain new knowledge, and change my way of thinking.

Thanks to reading books, I have learned how to invest, I have bought three houses successfully, and I have started many side hustles.

Many of these books were not even personal development or financial stuff, but this is the magic of the stories: they can help you open your mind to new possibilities you didn’t consider until you learned about their advantages.

Reduce as much junk as possible from your life, from food to people and even information.

Junk is supposed to be just that, garbage. So there’s no point in consuming it in any way. The only thing you are gaining by it is causing harm to your body.

This happens in every aspect of your life, whether it is food, toxic people, or the information we consume. So, a good habit that can help you improve is to try to stay away from any type of junk.

For food, I try to stay away from fast food and sugar most of the time or limit it to just once a week. I don’t necessarily diet, but I simply try to eat what is good for my body.

I have removed a lot of people from my life that I have realized only caused me headaches, and I stopped having social anxiety thanks to it.

Finally, when it comes to what I consume on TV and social media, I try to limit it to things I know are positive or give me happiness in some way. For example, I avoid news, toxic influencers, and showbiz.

With this, I have managed to make even scrolling TikTok or Instagram a rewarding and teaching experience.

Some habits can help you improve in a specific area of your life, like drinking water or exercising can help you be healthier, or sleeping 8 hours can help you be more rested.

While others can make you grow in aspects of your life that you never even imagined.

The person you will be in five years depends on the food you eat, the people you surround yourself with, what things you spend your time with, and your habits in general. You are the one who decides how high you want to go.

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