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I wrote down my 2024 goals this morning, and here’s what happened.

The power of writing down your goals.

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The new year is right around the corner.

You know what that means — New Year’s resolution and goal-setting time.

This morning, I wrote down some of my goals for 2024. I hadn’t planned on it. It came naturally while I was doing my daily journaling.

I wrote down ten things I wanted to achieve in 2024. The first five were easy. But I had to really think to come up with the remaining.

I recently read 10x Is Easier Than 2x by Dr. Benjamin Hardy and Dan Sullivan. It inspired me to set impossible goals this year. I plan to go 10x on my goals and actions.

Dr. Hardy says,

“There are only a select few ways to achieve seemingly impossible goals, and when you find, filter for, and optimize those ways, you start living your life based on quality.”

What happened after I wrote down my 2024 goals

There is a saying you are more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.

It’s true.

It felt nice to envision the big ideas when thinking about what I wanted to achieve. I experienced an instant shift in vibration. It was a positive feeling to dream such big dreams.

Previously, I felt hesitant to have huge goals. I didn’t believe in myself. For example, if my monthly income was $3,000, I had difficulty thinking I could make $10,000.

But it was different this time. I believed I could achieve 10x more. Even though my goals seemed impossible, I didn’t hesitate to write them down and envision myself achieving them.

So, my self-belief grew. Nothing felt impossible.

As I said, my vibration shifted. I felt excited writing and reading my goals. This feeling kept me in a good mood, which is crucial when trying to achieve something.

Lastly, I had a willingness to take action. I wanted to start working on my goals as soon as I finished writing them down. Nothing happens without action. No matter how big your dream is, only action can take you further. I didn’t want to wait for 2024. Instead, I went to work straight away.

I made a plan to achieve all my goals. I was ready to do what was necessary.

Lesson Learned

Writing down your goals does make it more likely that you achieve them.

One of my favorite daily habits is journaling. I have a monthly journal where I record all my goals, daily lessons, plans, to-do lists, and more.

Writing down your thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper increases self-awareness. You understand what state you are in. You start making conscious decisions to improve your life.

Scripting about your future self helps you manifest it.

You become what you think about. Your thoughts become more magnetic when you put them down on paper.

Even though my experience was random, it worked. Writing down my 2024 goals has increased my excitement for the year to begin.

Before, I pondered on how 2023 was ending so quickly. But now, I look forward to the new year—a new beginning of a better and more successful me.

Get a piece of paper or open your journal and write down your goals. You can even take a step further and make a 5-year plan. Don’t overthink the process. Instead, write down whatever you think you want to become. Do it with conviction. Feel the emotions and excitement.

Lastly, think 10x.

Setting impossible goals will filter out the unwanted and help you focus only on what you must do.

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