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I Want to Have 200 Children From 200 Mothers With Different Nationalities and Costing Me $10M

In a truly ambitious quest, I as a donor have set out on a mission to father children from 200 different nations, creating an incredibly diverse global family. This extraordinary endeavor aims to celebrate diversity and promote cultural exchange. With an estimated budget of $10 million, this journey is not only about expanding the my biological family but also about fostering connections and understanding among people from different parts of the world.

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My Ambitious Quest: Fathering 200 Kids from 200 Nations

My ambitious quest involves fathering children from 200 different nations around the world. This unique endeavor is driven by the desire to create a global family that represents the rich diversity of humanity. By intentionally seeking partners from various countries, the I hope to foster a greater appreciation for different cultures and promote a sense of unity among my children and world.

The process of selecting partners from diverse nations involves extensive research, communication, and understanding. I need women who want to have a kid with 199 sisters and brothers all around the world. I am actively reaching out to potential mothers from different countries, seeking those who share his vision of creating a culturally diverse family. Although it is an unconventional approach to building a family, I firmly believe that this quest will not only provide me with a large and loving family but also promote acceptance and understanding on a global scale.

A $10M Journey to Create a Diverse Global Family

My ambitious journey comes with a significant financial commitment, with an estimated budget of $10 million. This substantial investment is necessary to cover the costs associated with traveling to different countries, supporting the mothers during and after pregnancy, and providing for the upbringing and education of the children. It is a testament to the my dedication to my mission and my desire to create a diverse global family that spans across continents.

In addition to the financial commitment, I am also committed to maintaining strong relationships with the mothers and children. It is not merely a one-time event but an ongoing journey of connection and support. I intend to establish an open line of communication with each family, ensuring that my children have the opportunity to grow up embracing their cultural heritage while also being part of a global family. I promise to love all my kids equally and prepare group travel and meetings.

My ambitious quest to father 200 children from 200 nations is a remarkable endeavor that aims to build a diverse global family and promote cultural exchange. Through extensive research and communication, I am actively seeking partners from various countries to create a family that represents the rich tapestry of humanity. With a budget of $10 million, this journey is not only a financial commitment but also a testament to the my dedication to my mission. As this incredible journey unfolds, it will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the lives of the children, the father (me) and their mothers, and the world as a whole. I want to unify the world by doing so. Please help me to achieve my goal.


Yes you are right. I am not that big of a flirt to have 200 wives. The purpose of this article is to show that all mankind regardless of race, tribe or country are sisters and brothers. And if you do not believe me let me prove it. 😅

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