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“I Miss The Old _____”

I watch a lot of YouTube, and have for over a decade, and for the past couple of years I’ve noticed a recurring comment appearing on a lot of OG YouTubers content. “I miss the old Pewdiepie” or “I miss the old Sidemen content”.

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Then I realised that missing the old *blank* wasn’t just tied to YouTube.

Some people miss the way movies used to be made. Others generally miss how life felt in the 90s to early 2000s – I see a lot of these posts on Instagram especially.

But why do we miss past things so much? A part of it, I think, is nostalgia. I’m 29 and miss the days when I was a child and didn’t have to worry about job security, money, relationships, etc. I’d climb trees or watch fish swimming around our pond without a care in the world. We miss past things because, for a time, they brought us comfort.

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I was watching an Anthony Padilla interview with Jacksepticeye, and Jack said something that really made me think.

Oh, everybody who’s like, I miss the old Anthony or the old Sean. It’s like, no you don’t. You miss how you felt back when you were watching those videos at that time, ‘cause you were probably in school. And you probably just came home from school and just watching videos all day and had a great time. But now you’re grown up and now you have responsibilities and now you’re in college and you have a job, and you’re probably stressed out a lot, but you think it’s the change in the channel?

He does also say the content and he himself have grown and changed too, but this really blew my mind when I first watched the interview.

I can only speak for myself, but I do miss how I felt watching those videos back when I was still in school. Sometimes, I go back and watch old content simply for nostalgic purposes.

When I find myself scrolling Instagram reels I stumble upon the early 2000s aesthetic; sun shining, mourning doves and wood pigeons cooing, empty swings, old gaming devices… and I feel sad. But I also smile. Yes, those times are gone but they’ll live on in memory and as adults we have to make room in our lives for moments of comfort and childish joy.

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Allow your inner child to surface; heal them, nurture them and don’t push them away.

One day, you’re going to miss these years also. Don’t let them pass you by while you’re too busy missing the past.

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