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I Know What I Know

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And so Do You

I have been a spiritual teacher for about 32 years. I woke up, as in fully awake, half a lifetime ago. Why should anyone else care? I don’t know. I know that none of us knows anything ‘for sure’ no matter what Oprah says.

I am fully aware that the consciousness of my moments differs from that of many others. I live in a different experience of life and this world. So do drug addicts. So does each one of us. So there’s that.

No, I am not comparing an hallucinogenic reality with that of enlightenment, though many do so. I have met many self-avowed seekers who then become substance-addicted, usually in mild forms, who fail to comprehend the difference between a chemically altered state, an experience of ‘getting high,’ and a true expansion into higher consciousness. This typically happens after a major disillusionment with which the individual cannot cope. Sad, that. And, understandable given how challenging this world can be. May all be blessed.

What makes expanded consciousness valuable? Why is becoming cosmically conscious relevant or important at all? Mystics, avatars, and the enlightened ones of every tradition have spoken {and been misunderstood, A LOT} about this. We each run our lives according to what we value. Our learning in any lifetime is guided by what we believe we value. This is a cosmic set-up engineered before we incarnate. Nothing outside of our own cosmically valuable Divinity engineers this for us. We choose the parameters of any lifetime.

As you read this, what does your heart feel?

The first gateway to higher consciousness flows through the heart. No matter what language is used, from whatever culture or timeframe, this has been found to be so. I can report that this was my experience.

And then, there is more. Once the realms of love surround us, we begin transmuting all mistaken perceptions, sometimes referred to as shadow. We see beyond the filters and veils we created to live this life within. Our perception broadens along with expanded perspective. We see more.

I never cared much for the ambitions of this world. My very first Teacher called them “The Hershey Bars,” no slight on chocolate intended. She said, “If all we want are the Hershey Bars, we will never know what is true.” Personally, I prefer higher-vibrational chocolate, but that’s just me and the vibratory reality of this body. What is a treat for one is poison for another. Doesn’t that make for a wondrous world? Doesn’t it just gobsmack the mind?

The diversity of life and living hosted by Gaia is truly amazing. The intelligence of each and every form of life, with its unique patterns, programs, and agendas, takes amounts of energy we have yet to fathom. No wonder zero-point is such a conundrum. The more we try to label Infinity the more elusive it becomes.

Did words written in other ages help my awareness unfold? Sometimes. Mostly it was connecting with the transmission of consciousness contained therein, rather than words written in an age that has little relevance in what we ignorantly call ‘pop culture.’ I found Source by relaxing into Her ever-present Grace.

You already are that. The path that beckons you ‘home’ already thrives within you, whatever path might most appeal to your programmed values.

As all things change, and the Great Transformation grows, I wish for us all, first, a Oneness of Heart. Transformation always begins there. And then, the fun {and the deeper work} begins.

So how am I different? In one sense, I’m not. I chose to fully embody the clear light of reality, cosmic consciousness, God/Goddess/All-That-Is as much as possible whilst in this body. And that, as Robert Frost put it, “…has made all the difference.” My choice mattered to me. Your choices are your own and matter to you. One thing I am certain of is that what matters is what manifests. What if a critical mass choice was made for divine love to prevail? Not our ideas of love, our wishes, individual hopes or dreams, but what is unfathomably real? What if enough of us chose that, and left all outcomes in Source’s hands?

Every choice has value. Each leads to a unique current in the wave of destiny. This creates a delicious symphony of sound, light and realities. What if we don’t know anything? Wouldn’t it be fun to let Source teach us?

Happy Gratitude Week! {aka allegedly Thanksgiving in the US} Let yourself be Love. It makes a world of difference… oh wait, we already live there. Why not up the ante?

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