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I Died But I Did Not Die — My DMT Trip Explained

My First Out-Of-The-Body Experience

AI-image of Myself Smoking a Pipe, created by author with hotpot.ai

After my DMT trip, my whole reality was shattered. I couldn’t believe what just happened to me.

My guide prepared the pipe and instructed me to try and keep it in as long as I could. I was told to attempt three inhalations from the pipe, but everything changed after the first round. I couldn’t see my reality anymore.

Firstly, the room I was in became a 2D picture with a very bright glow around it. I couldn’t see the pipe or my guide anymore, but a lot of mandala patterns. Suddenly, I could see a part of the pipe and I heard my guide’s voice. ‘Inhale and try to keep it in,’ she said. So I did. I was still in a sitting meditative position. She tried to do the last round of inhalation with me, but it already hit me. I was already gone. Far away. I heard this high-pitched sound in my ears and a weird clicking sound that seemed to come from my pineal gland.

I left my body — it felt like dying but not in a bad way.

First, I, or better said, my essence, worked its way out of my body. It felt like layer after layer was lifted, like an onion being peeled. I was rocking back and forth during this process, but after this not super pleasant but not painful peeling experience, I laid down on my yoga mat. I had a pillow prepared and a blanket to make it more comfortable. My guide looked after me in the best way. After this initial phase, the actual trip started.

I don’t remember that much, but some snippets I could keep and take back to this reality.

The first thing that I can remember is that death felt somehow sweet.

I cannot explain this because I didn’t eat anything during this trip, but it had a sweet and warm feeling. The next thing that I can remember is that I lost my identity. The woman that I was didn’t exist. I was not female, not male. Everything felt so peaceful. All my doubts, sorrows, and fears disappeared. My ego was gone.

Nothing really mattered.

I often have to think of the lyrics from Linkin Park — In The End

I tried so hard and got so far But in the end, it doesn’t even matter I had to fall to lose it all But in the end, it doesn’t even matter

Maybe this song is exactly about this kind of experience. Who knows? It definitely fits mine. The only emotion that I could still grab onto was love. I was floating through so many things. It was bright, light, and there was a lot of music — like a celebration or something.

In the end, I remember connecting with the earth god/dess Tlaltecuhtli, who I had no idea about before. In fact, I googled and researched what I saw for quite a while until I found pictures of him/her/them.

It looks something like this:

earth god/dess Tlaltecuhtli, source: wikipedia.org/wiki/Tlaltecuhtli

I saw this entity dancing around me in many, many layers. It was very kind and positive towards me.

Later, I read that Tlaltecuhtli might not have been a very peaceful god, but I had a very different experience with it. It was incredible.

But the interesting part to me was that I was there in this other world but also here on earth. After my peeling phase, this reality came back to me, and I could see everything again. I even touched the wall to make sure that I am not dead. I wasn’t. It was similar to the movie that I watched a few days ago.

screenshot of the Netflix movie: Everything, Everywhere, All At Once

If you haven’t watched this movie, I recommend watching it, especially the first half, which I enjoyed a lot.

So, I was here and there, but everything that happened there was so super fast that it was very difficult to comprehend.

My Aztec Version of Myself, created by author with hotpot.ai

Before I returned to my body, or rather, when I inhaled my soul back into my body, I still saw Tlaltecuhtli dancing in front of the wall in my room, in this reality, but fading more and more. When my soul entered my body, I felt a twitching sensation in my heart, but it wasn’t painful.

Tlaltecuhtli was gone, and my soul and body were one again.

My guide was sitting in a corner, and she looked so beautiful with all the mandala drawings on her face that I had seen only during the trip.

I was so grateful to be alive after this trip. I went downstairs and started dancing for a while. I felt so positive, so light.

Peaceful Woman, created by author with hotpot.ai

Even weeks and months after that DMT trip, I experienced little flashbacks of that sensation of dying. Sometimes, it even scared me — realizing that my body and soul are capable of such things. Yet, on the other hand, it opened up countless new possibilities.

Magic might actually exist.

If we humans can have out-of-the-body experiences (OBE), maybe we can reacquire abilities described in fairy tales. Telepathy, telekinesis, the art of levitating — I consider all of this a possibility today.

If everything is just frequency and vibration, our minds possess more power than anyone has taught us.

Keep in mind, I was drawn to this experience after years of self-improvement and self-development. I used meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises. I had prior experiences with Ayahuasca, Iboga, Psilocybin, and Salvia Divinorum before this trip, and I must say, thank goodness. Otherwise, this experience could have overwhelmed me, possibly driving me crazier than I am today. LOL.

It’s time to wake up, my friends. It’s time to regain control. It’s time for a peaceful world filled with wonders and beauty. Together, we can achieve anything. You just need to believe.

Disclaimer: This is not health advice. I am not a doctor. Please conduct your own research.

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