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Hush Child

Cyrl’s Corner — The Grey Side of Life

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Hush Child

Hush child,

Don’t you cry.

And if you do,

Do it on company time!

You are in control.

As long as you believe it.

Suck it up buttercup.

We had it worse.

You want to cry?

We’ll give you something to cry about.

Try the economy!

Or the promise of money!

Give your undying loyalty

To a company for eternity!

This is adulthood.

We’ve all been there.

Dry your tears, child.

You have to pay for that!

You think you’re free?

Of course, you are!

Just remember though,

Someone else paid for that

With their lives

For a war

That they never signed up for.

You want autonomy?

Of course you can have that!

We take debit or credit.

Cash will do too!

You think that is free?

Oh child, don’t be so naive!

Nothing is free.

The cost is ours to oversee.

But if you work hard enough,

You may see some results.

If you’re feeling uninspired,

Then try our LinkedIn course!

Afraid to be homeless?

Just stop being lazy.

Poverty is an identity.

Wealthy is the new it!

Compliance is the key.

Don’t like what you see?

Maybe, your next kin will.

— -

Hi, I’m CyCy!

Thank you for reading. I truly appreciate it!

The Grey Side of Life is going to be a six-part poetry series.

You are reading the fifth one! This series tackles depression, burnout, and how our current society treats mental health.

They will all be saved in the list: The Grey Side of Life. So, if you missed one in the future or want to go back to reading them, just check out my profile and look for that list.

P.S. I’m a multi-genre writer and if you like a little bit of everything, then you have found the right person!

P.P.S. For my horror readers, I will update Wake Up. Because it is a dark series, I am worried about publishing the rest of the chapters. As soon as I am sure that I won’t get in trouble for putting them up here, I’ll let you guys know via Twitter/X or on Threads (you can follow me on those accounts @ cyrls_corner)

Shout out to one of my faves, Phoebus Apollo 🖤

Thanks for singing these poems, guiding me with composing music, and showing me different types of art.

A true bestie here. xo


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