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How to Win the Battle With Medium Over Your Earnings

Stop Whining About Change and Start Winning

I’m in it to win it, regardless of any changes to the earnings system. Photo: Reddit

We’re just over 3 1/2 months of Medium’s newer earnings system. There’s been nonstop chatter about this new program. I’ve seen quite a few writers complaining about it and talking about this being a horrible downgrade. Some are threatening to leave the platform. A few have.

Christ in a cardboard box, can we stop with the drama, already?

Wasting time complaining instead of creating great writing is counterproductive. It reminds me of panhandling: You can sit there holding your cup out while looking sad while everyone passes you by. Or you can attract more attention with a creative sign, sing or dance, and accept the extra earnings from the attention you created for yourself.

The funny thing is, many of the complaints I’ve seen these first quarter of the new system have mostly been from experienced writers here on Medium. Though I’ve seen a few people who are newer jumping on the “Medium is ruined” bandwagon, it’s mainly people with larger followings who have used our platform for years.

Give it time. The program is still newer. “Give it more that 105 Days!” Just write.

This is disappointing. Jumping to conclusions before we’ve even gone through the first full month isn’t advisable. The sad thing is, all of the time spent chatting about Medium suddenly sucking shit could be spent doing the things to help you succeed under the new earnings program.

I’ve gained more on my earnings, between my two profiles. This smaller Professor of Medium teaching profile tripled in earnings the first month of the new system versus the last month under the old system. I keep my head down, avoid the drama chit-chat, and battle daily to make the new system work for me.

I’m not a whiner or a quitter. And I’m happy to share what’s working for me and how you can not just maintain but increase your earnings here on Medium. If I haven’t pissed you off yet and you want to learn how to battle for your earnings, let’s do this fuckin’ thing.

Stop Bitching and Get Busy

Paulie from The Sopranos is correct. There’s no whining in our thing. Get to work and fix it.

One of the cool aspects of publishing two blogs daily is that I have no time to feel sorry for myself. I have too much to do and accomplish to overthink Medium’s earnings program, regardless of changes that happen to it. I keep busy because I have goals for my growth and a need to write daily.

You can easily overthink your entire Medium thing and put yourself into a funk. Nobody wants to see their earnings shrivel up and die, under a new program. However, you can either feel sorry for yourself and allow a slow start to ruin your momentum, or you can get pissed off and fight back.

I’ll take Door #2, every time. I’m not going to give up on my writing just to suck a pity dick. Mama didn’t raise no quitters in her household. If you want to succeed, you work hard. Especially when things aren’t going your way.

For me, it’s easy. I love writing. I’m used to publishing 2000 or more words a day. And I’ll keep doing that, regardless of how my Medium earnings are looking on any given day or week.

Write New, Better Shit

That’s me on the left, encouraging everyone to stop complaining and replace it with writing consistency.

I’ve had slumps on my stats before. After trending up for a couple of months, I took a downturn. Then it happened again. And again. One thing I can tell you about this happening a number of times is that it ALWAYS recovers.

This new earnings program of Medium’s has been good to some of us. It’s been worse so far for others. One thing is certain: They are looking for better quality writing to Boost. Getting a Boost on Medium can really help your earnings. Getting a few of them can drive your income through the roof.

I’ve been Boosted ten times so far 3 1/2 months into the new program. That only about once every 10 days. I use the word fuck a lot and make some pretty risque, often dirty jokes in my writing. I’m not what most would consider a prime candidate for regular, consistent Boosts.

But I don’t give a shit. I can self-Boost by doing the things I know to do. Writing daily for 23 months helped me sharpen my skills as a writer. I don’t need a Boost to keep doing well and get solid engagement. While it helps, I do sometimes write cleaner, more Boost-worthy articles. Medium will reward us financially for those well-written articles that get Boosted.

Clap, Highlight, and Comment Like Crazy

Give your Medium friends claps, highlights, and comments on each of their articles. And then watch your engagement stats and earnings start to increase. Photo by Kasturi Roy on Unsplash

Activity breeds activity. If your earnings are down even though you’re consistently writing and publishing new pieces, you need to work on your relationship skills. Being friendly and generous toward your followers will help snap you out of your slump.

In the newer program, we are rewarded with higher earnings for more engagement. If Medium members stay on your page for more than 30 seconds, that counts as a read. Your read ratio being higher helps your earnings. So you want your readers to stay a bit.

You also earn more when people give you a clap. Or 50. When they highlight something from your article, that’s another increase in your earnings. And if they leave a comment, yet another.

So do these things for everyone else, and watch it come back to you. I do all three whenever possible because I want those people to do it for me, too.

Get Involved With Publications

I love our diverse, accepting publications. We are always looking for new writers and you’ll get more views when you publish with us.

The more visibility your writing has, the better the chance it will get engaged with. Joining and writing for a publication like Bouncin’ and Behavin’ Blogs, BBB2, and Bouncin’ and Behavin’ Fuckery is a great way for your writing to be seen more and engaged with.

As the owner and one of the editors of our BBB pubs, I give most writing pieces that I approve 50 claps, a highlight, and a comment. We receive 30–50 pieces a day, so that can be a lot of work. But I know that interacting with my writers makes it more likely that they will do the same for my writing.

I’m happy to add anyone to the Bouncin’ and Behavin’ Blogs writing staff. I just ask that you submit quality, error-free writing so that our pub keeps its solid reputation of being interesting and awesome. Use Grammarly on your laptop and PC if you join us, it sure helps us out as your loyal, hard-working editors.

Nobody is Going to Notice if You Quit and Leave Medium

Don’t be like George and quit, then try to come back. Save the drama for yo’ mama and just keep writing.

Let me fuck you up with a little bit of truth here: Nobody is going to give a damn if you quit. Whether you leave Medium entirely or even just stop publishing frequently, nobody is going to notice or care. You have to do things for others so they care about you and support your writing.

I’d feel bad if anyone I was close to here on our platform gave up their writing dreams and left. Changing your routine and cutting way back on your writing output because you’re sad about your earnings will not help you to succeed.

Doing the things you know to do and have learned during the time you’ve been on the platform will help you achieve more. You’ll see an increase in your earnings by following these guidelines I’ve spelled out.

Medium earnings for me have always been a bit of a roller coaster. Sometimes the ups and downs are huge. Most of the time though, they’re minor. As long as you stay on the ride, you’ll be back on top soon. &:^)

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