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How to get 500 Followers/Month on Medium

When you say 500 followers a month it doesn’t sound like it’s extremely hard, but it’s not at all. Let’s take it step by step and understand what 500 followers per month means first. Well this means about 20 followers per day.

Everything has to be taken in small steps that you do every day, choose a realistic target and work to achieve it.

All you have to do is pick 5 niches where you write articles most often. For example I will choose the Life niche, which I find extremely attractive in terms of number of followers and number of people who are active on this niche. It has 3.3 million followers and 943k stories.

Go down to Latest stories. Here are the most recent articles, and the chances of the writer being active at the time you react are pretty high.

For example:

Go to each of the first 30–40 stories, stay for at least 30 seconds and then click on Claps and Highlighted.

This means a maximum of 20 minutes spent creating your community.

For example:

If you want you can leave a comment. But if you do both things the writer will already get 2 notifications. One for claps and one for highlighted.

You can do this for 2–3 niches, depending on how much time you allow yourself on Medium to create the community.

If you do this for 3 niches you will spend an hour on Medium, during which time you will interact with 120 writers. If 15% of them follow you, you will make about 18 followers per day. This number is enough to reach 500 followers per month.

Good luck!🍀🍀

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