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How to Feel In Control of Life

Life is not a game

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Life seems rather out of control lately. There‘s multiple wars and the news says World War Three is imminent. Global warming/climate change and an economy on the verge of collapse. Just to name this morning’s news stories. Society tells us we are both helpless and we also must hustle more to fix everything. How can we regain control in this chaotic world? Realize what you control: very little. Paradoxical that feels scary as fuck, but also relieving. You don’t have to fix the world‘s problems. You probably can’t. What do you control? Yourself, your actions and your effort. I spent most of this morning procrastinating writing. My anxiety says effort is pointless, because I won’t get views. Statistically, that‘s likely true. So why did I write? If I don’t publish, no one reads my words. Creating more than I consume helps me learn. And writing, although challenging, will enhance my sense of well being. I can’t control how many people read this article after publication. I can control writing to the best of my ability. I can’t control the stats and payouts on the sites I publish on, but I can control how much I write and where I publish my work. I wasted an hour this morning focused on worrying that no one will read this and lamenting I am wasting time. I wasted an hour last week worrying about a teacher‘s strike and the implications for my day job. And hell, I got tagged to transfer to an entirely different school within my division starting next week, and I don’t know my new job. I can’t control anything but myself. So I focus on exercise, writing, learning, meditation, sleep and eating. Those I control and now I worry less about the future.

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