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How I made over $400 on Etsy

With only 4 low-priced products

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I have a full-time job, but like many in the corporate world, I have a dream of doing or being something more. Not relying 100% on an employer. Having passive income.

So a little over a year ago, I started an Etsy shop and began adding products.

StepmomCentral — Etsy

Head on over to my store! If you find something you like, use my special promo code (STEPMOMCENTRAL) valid through the end of 2023 for an additional 10% off.

What I’ve been selling

The first products I added were things that I had created for use in my own life (and I still use them quite often):

I have a good amount of other digital products on there, but honestly, these are the only ones that have sold.

My Financials off only four items

To date, I’ve made $433.87 off 156 orders — on these four items only.

Screenshot of actual etsy stats from author’s etsy store

My profit margin for 2023 (so far) is 68%.

Screenshot of actual Etsy stats from the author’s Etsy store

How? I keep my products digital.

Why Digital?

I’ve seen a lot of sellers on Facebook groups concerned with how much money they aren’t making and how much time it’s taking. From my experience, digital items are the way to go. You create something that people will buy once, and you sell it for an indefinite period of time. Over, and over, and over.

I haven’t had to pour a lot of time into creating products by hand to sell once. I don’t have to deal with shipping or returns.

It’s freed up my time to do other things, like focus on my career, or write a guidebook for Team Moms.

You can buy it here (available in paperback and Kindle):

Maybe at some point, I’ll get back into creating more digital products for Etsy. But for now, I like seeing a bit of extra money come in throughout the year. Without having to lift a finger.

What’s your passive income journey like?

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