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How I Calm My Nervous System

Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash

To calm my own nervous system l find a quiet space And practice deep breathing exercises

Focusing on each breath, helps me center myself and reduce anxiety

I engage in activities like gentle stretching or listening to calming music to promote relaxation

Finding what works best for you is key experiment with diferent techniques until you discover what brings You a sense of calm.

In moments of heightened stress I prioritize mindfulness by bringing attention to my sensefeeling the texture of an object, listening to soothing sounds, Or noticing the scent of calming essential oils.

Connecting with nature,

Even briefly, through a walk Or simply gazing out the window contributes to a more grounded state.

I acknowledge and validate my feelings without judgment fostering a compassionate selfdialogue

As a christian, prayer calms me. Regular exercise and sufficient sleep also play pivotal roles in maintainng a balanced nervous system.

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