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Do you write good content and still have no followers? Then you know how hard to deliver your articles to your ideal reader. Writers on platforms like Medium often face the challenge of gaining visibility and traction. Social media algorithms work, so you won’t be able to get it without followers, but you can’t get followers without attraction. And it sucks. But we can help each other to reduce the struggle. This is where the power of community comes into play. Enter our Telegram group, where we will build a community of Medium writers dedicated to helping each other succeed.

What We Offer

Our Telegram group isn’t just another social media space; The idea is to be actively involved in each other’s promotion on Medium so that even with a few followers today, you’ll be able to boost your profile 10–100X in just or less 30 days. Whether you’re a seasoned author or taking your first steps in the world of online writing, this group offers you a platform to:

  • Share Your Work: Get your stories in front of a supportive audience and become the supportive audience yourself. We encourage members to share their latest Medium articles and profiles expanding your reach beyond your current followers.
  • Engage and Grow: See something you like from another member? Give it a clap, leave a thoughtful comment, or engage in a discussion. It’s all about mutual support.
  • Weekly Spotlight: Each week, we shine the light on a standout article, giving it the exposure it deserves.
  • Learn and Improve: With collective wisdom and diverse experiences, the group is a goldmine for learning new writing tips, understanding Medium’s algorithm, and improving your content.

Our Philosophy: Mutual Growth

The foundation of our group is built on a simple yet powerful philosophy: mutual growth. We believe that by supporting each other, we don’t just grow individually; we elevate the entire community.

The Difference We Make

Our goal is to see writers’ Medium stories gain more views, claps, and engagement and for our members to find new followers and even collaborative opportunities while enjoying fellow writers' companionship and support.

Join Us Today!

If you want to expand your Medium presence, connect with fellow writers, and be part of a community that really helps, our Telegram group is the place to be. We’re more than just a group; we’re a movement towards collaborative success on Medium.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to amplify your Medium journey. Join us today and be part of something bigger!


We just started growing. Be one of the first to join.

Join our Telegram group here: https://t.me/medium_promotion

Let’s make our Medium journey more rewarding together!

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