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Paralysed by stark realization their journey of loss is not isolated, they stare in despair as a deep hole keeps fellow compatriots.

Stolen away by swift snowdrifts of a blizzard. A reminder of how Adam disappeared from one swift grasp of an avalanche.

Demoralised, they wonder why continue the perilous trek up the blood summit. A hike that seems to ensnare souls as payment for reaching its crimson peak. Fear and grief wrestles for attention in their minds as memories of dear Adam flood in.

Few weeks ago, the party was boisterous about conquering the next mountain. Adding it to the list of tracks completed.

Emotions became the tinder to fire of discontentment, emblazoning the group in heated arguments. Throwing in the towel seemed imminent. And yet they couldn’t. For is this how Adam should be remembered?

Stopping halfway accomplishes nothing while their dear friend became the fee the mountain has taken.

If they were to continue, the trek would not only be for Adam, but for others who lost themselves on the way.

For life has snatched many lives on their journey to success. And to take their mantle is a heavy burden that needs to be done for their humanity sake.

It is the price they must pay for this final trek they find themselves on.

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