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Have You Heard? We Are Looking for New Editors | For The Publication: (Write A Catalyst)

Looking For 9 New Editors to ease the workload for everyone.

We are up, and why 9? Just so everyone will not be overloaded.

Image By Burst From Pexels

Due to limitations on the number of posts, I can accept per day for an editor. (including me is 100 per day) (I told I don’t know what I’m doing, but we’ll learn together)

We are looking for new editors so our writers will have a shorter queue time for their posts to go live.

Just giving you a peek at the growth, it was 54,000+ 5 days ago.

Image of minutes read at the Pub 2/26/24 1:09 PM EST.

If you would like to support and contribute as an editor.

New Editor — Requirements. (if you want to contribute but your follower count is not there yet, let me know as well, we’ll see what we can sort out)

  1. They Post Daily, prefer (this means you are consistent and reliable)
  2. Minimum of 500 Followers (this is for the trust of the writers and readers)
  3. Able to use Grammarly on every edit, prefer or you can review it in your own way. (The editor that scheduled or published the post, Medium sent out a notice to the writer who edited it.)

Like this:

Hope to see editors from different time zones. Anywhere is good.

Some writers I have in mind (wish list)

Basic guidelines for the editor will be in the next post couple of posts.

Thanks for your consideration

Samy Julian | Theo Rose | Ross Derbyshire | Os Ishmael | Midnight Young | Loretta_M | Mariana Izabelle 💫 | Gratiela Grigorini | Sasha Desideri | DeryaSefer | John Williams | Martin Kessler | Alessio Michesi | Boysie Gordon | Jijo George | Josh Hinton | Lucian Ioan Chirilă |

Current Editors Status:

We did get some help from our new editors: Hammad Hassan been helping with some posts already, Tfwadewrite has just joined and Brenna Clark is thinking about it.

All this came from last night, were I was sitting there 3–4 hours not able to hit publish. And was thinking if I should contact Martin Kessler or just go to sleep and let it be the next day.

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